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Who Is Tik Tok Star’s Nessa Barrett New Boyfriend? Find Out to Know More

Nessa Barrett new rumored boyfriend
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Nessa Barrett is a well-known name for Tik Tok users. The 20-year-old girl is heavily popular on Tik Tok with over 27 million followers on various social media platforms. Besides it, Barrett is a rising musician who got famed for her notoriety in music. Her relationship status is always the talk of the town. Before starting her worldwide romance and matching tattoos with TikToker and musician, Jaden Hosler she was in a relationship with TikToker and Podcast host, Josh Richards.

Nessa Barrett new rumored boyfriend

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Nessa recently gained the spotlight for her Instagram post on November 30 where she posted casual blurry photos of her and a mystery man, who is rumored to be her new boyfriend. Fans are curious to know who the mystery man is. Well, the mystery man is Harley Solomon, who has a mutual friend with Nessa Barrett.

Internet is rolling over a question, Are Harley Solomon and Nessa Barrett dating? Well, the couple hasn’t made their relationship official but the latest pictures are indicating clearly that something is gasping around the two.

Meet Nessa Barrett’s New Rumored Boyfriend Harley Solomon

Harley Solomon unlike Nessa is not a TikToker but has over 50K followers on Instagram. He has a strong connection with the fashion world and most of his pictures show his cool outfits and chilling with his friends. Harley is a part of the Stark family, who created a brand called Chrome Hearts, a fashion brand that came into existence in the 80s. Previously the brand was created by Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark and had a reinvigoration by their son Kristian Stark, who happens to be Harley’s cousin.

Relationship Status of Nessa And Harley

Nessa Barrett new rumored boyfriend

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Nessa in her latest Instagram posted a picture hugging a guy whose name and face are not disclosed. Apparently, Harley also in his Instagram account also posted a picture of a girl showing her middle finger. People thus found a connection between the two and are speculating that the guy seen in her post is none other than Harley Solomon. In fact, the hand shown in Harley’s picture is similar to that of Nessa.

Nessa a couple of times also gives hints that he has been dating a guy after his breakup with Jaden Hosler. So her post may be a confirmation of her new relationship. However, both of them did not officially confirm their relationship.

Let’s Know Who is This Tik Tok Star Nessa Barrett, Some Facts About Her

Nessa Barret, a famous social media celebrity born on August 6, 2002, in Absecon, New Jersey, United States. She is most popular on TikTok for her lip-syncing videos. She has been on the platform since the beginning. According to the sources Nessa is taking private classes due to her profession. She has a younger brother else no information about her personal life is updated by her on social media.

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