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Does Kobeni Die in Chainsaw Man?

Does Kobeni Die in Chainsaw Man (2)

Kobeni, who was a shy and somewhat timid devil hunter at the moment that she was presented, is one of the protagonists who is presented as a strong devilish hunter in the incidents of Chainsaw Man. She was naturally featured as one of the devil hunters who were attacked during an attempted assassination on the Special Divisions, despite the fact that many people didn’t think she was a significant character when she was first introduced into the plot. So does Chainsaw Man’s Kobeni end up dying?

In Chainsaw Man, neither in the manga nor the anime, Kobeni perishes. She manages to escape the assassination attempt during the events of the Katana Man arc because Kobeni, who was saved by Hirokazu by using his body as a shield, killed the attacker before she could fire another shot.

Does Kobeni Die in Chainsaw Man?

In a typical strike by the attacker, Kobeni would have perished because demon hunters are indeed humans and can pass away when they are terminally injured by weapons that might kill any human being. In that sense, she was supposed to perish in the assassin’s attack but was saved by the sacrifice of her companion. Having stated that, let’s take a closer look at Kobeni’s fate in Chainsaw Man.

In Chainsaw Man, what occurred to Kobeni?

While Denji, the main character of the plot, is the focus of the entire Chainsaw Man anime, there are other devil hunters who also play a part in the narrative. One such figure is Kobeni, who while not totally one of the central protagonists, yet makes a contribution to the plot’s development.

Kobeni was among the devil hunters who travelled with Aki when they rescued Denji from the Leech Devil’s onslaught. She was first presented during the occurrences of the Bat Devil arc. But while it was obvious that Kobeni wasn’t your normal demon hunter due to her timidity and shyness, it wasn’t until the events of the Eternity Devil arc that we learned more about her.

We learned that she was compelled to become a devil hunter since she required the funds during the Eternity Devil storyline even though she had no desire to do so. She intended to offer Denji to the Eternity Devil in exchange for the ability to escape the time stream that she and the other devil hunters were in because she had many dreams for both herself and her sibling. Additionally, she scarcely accomplished anything during that arc; all she did was complain.

But the truth is that despite Kobeni’s strength, Himeno claimed that she was too shy and afraid to accomplish anything particularly helpful. Even still, Himeno had faith in her supernatural abilities because it was obvious why she was employed by public safety.

Some fans thought Kobeni was ultimately going to be written off the tale because she didn’t seem to be a significant character during the Eternity Devil arc. Naturally, those who watch the anime believed that the events of episode 8 would allow us to see Kobeni being dropped from the plot.

In episode 8, we discovered that there were assailants who were obviously given the assignment to kill the representatives of the Special Divisions of Public Safety, as we watched the operations begin when a few of the attackers slaughtered Makima and a few other devil hunters when they were on a train to Kyoto. Then, when Kobeni and a few other demon hunters were patrolling the streets of Tokyo, we observed them going about their business. Kobeni and Hirokazu, in particular, were seen helping an old lady when they were on patrol in the open during daytime hours.

However, it was obvious that the murder was a premeditated and organized attack that was meant to occur simultaneously so that the attackers might catch the devil hunters off guard. It was obvious that the old woman they were helping was the one who had been assigned the responsibility of killing Kobeni and Hirokazu.

Kobeni: Is he dead?

We saw that Kobeni and Hirokazu were going to be assassinated by the assassin sent to assassinate them during the attack carried out by the assailants on the members of the Special Divisions of Public Safety. As the attacker grabbed her gun to shoot them from behind, they turned their back on her. They were obviously unaware of what was going to happen. Does that imply Kobeni is no longer alive?

In fact, Kobeni escaped the unidentified attacker’s assault. However, given that she is still a person, a bullet wound should have caused her to pass away. However, the manga demonstrated how she was able to withstand the assassin’s onslaught.

Hirokazu, who was shot in the neck but was still alive, was the first victim of that attack. Hirokazu shielded Kobeni with his body before he died from the effects of his gunshot wound to the neck. As a result, Kobeni’s companion, who gave his life to keep her alive, is responsible for her ability to survive that assassination attempt. Kobeni, in contrast, took advantage of the opportunity to murder her attacker.

In fact, Kobeni ended up having a number of pivotal scenes in the manga’s plot. Kobeni helped Denji and the others when Akane and Katana Man assaulted them after escaping the attempted assassination. She was so powerful that she managed to repel both Akane and Katana Man, forcing them to flee.

As it became apparent that she was not as terrible and useless as she had been initially depicted, Kobeni apologised to Denji for attempting to kill him during the Eternity Devil arc. Instead, she was a genuinely decent person with extraordinary skills that helped her succeed as a Devil Hunter. And her storyline is still being told in the manga because she went on to take part in numerous conflicts involving various devils.

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