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Ben Goertzel and His Dating life- Click to know more about his bio

Ben Goertzel

Ben Goertzel is one of the top scientists working in the cutting-edge field of artificial intelligence. Ben now holds the positions of Chief Scientist and President at Novamente LLC, one of the top firms for software development and AI research. He oversees the OpenCog Foundation as its president. Ben works as an advisor at Singularity University. Ben began his career as the Machine Intelligence Research Institute’s research director. Ben has always demonstrated an interest in science and was at the forefront of cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence. The only thing that propelled him up the success ladder was his interest and enthusiasm for developing remarkable programmes to address contemporary problems.

Ted and Carol Goertzel welcomed their son Ben into the world on December 8, 1966 in Rio de Janeiro. Ted Goertzel, his father, taught sociology at Rutgers University. After the tenth grade, Ben dropped out of school and enrolled at Bard College at Simon’s Rock. He earned a bachelor’s degree in quantitative studies.

Goertzel Into the World of Science

At a Google Tech conference in May 2007, Goertzel discussed his strategy for creating artificial general intelligence. As measured by the emergent behaviour of “attainment of complicated objectives in complex situations,” he defines intelligence as the capacity to recognise patterns in both the external environment and the agent itself. In order to develop more potent intelligence, a “baby-like” AI is first initiated and then educated as an agent in a simulated or virtual world, such as Second Life. A network is used to represent knowledge, and each node and connection in the network has probabilistic truth values as well as “attention values”; the attention values are similar to the weights in a neural network. This network uses a number of algorithms, the main one of which combines an evolutionary programming algorithm with a probabilistic inference engine.

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SingularityNET, a project that uses blockchain and artificial intelligence to democratise access to artificial intelligence, was founded by Goertzel and he currently serves as its CEO. He was the Machine Intelligence Research Institute’s director of research. Additionally, he serves as the Chairman of the OpenCog Foundation, the Chief Scientist and President of the AI software startup Novamente LLC, and a counsellor at Singularity University. Goertzel served as the firm that created Sophia the Robot’s principal scientist at Hanson Robotics.

Ben Goertzel Wife and more about married life

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