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Are Whitney and Naomie Still Dating?

Do you want to know if Naomie and Whitney are still dating? As a result of her participation in the popular reality television series Southern Charm on Bravo, Naomie Olindo has risen to popularity and fortune. The social media influencer and television personality quickly attracted attention during her time on the show, which featured some high-end drama. Olindo runs an e-commerce business and is a successful entrepreneur.

 Whitney and Naomie Still Dating

Additionally, she holds an MBA and owns the clothing line LABEYE. Since the third season, Naomi has been a part of the Bravo programme. After she and her longtime partner, Metul Shah, divorced, Naomie Olindo frequently made headlines. Metul allegedly cheated on the television personality. Later, a Southern Charm co-star was romantically related to Naomie Olindo. Who are we referring to? To determine whether Whitney and Naomie are currently¬†dating or not, let’s examine all the pertinent information.

Are Whitney and Naomie currently dating?

Whitney and Naomie are not romantically involved. Whitney lost his father over the summer, and Naomi did admit that there was a little bit more going on there than what fans saw on the show, but that is when he phoned and they started chatting more regularly, which was further described as a slow build. Whitney had earlier stated that Naomie initiated contact, but the television personality was unable to recollect who it was.

Naomi, however, acknowledged that they are not seeing after all when Andy Cohen, the reunion’s host, questioned them about their relationship status. It was never more than just a terrific friendship that turned for a moment and then went back, according to Olindo, even though they aren’t dating. The Bravo personality previously gained notoriety after splitting up with her ex-partner Metul Shah. After three difficult years, the two broke up, and new accusations of Metul’s infidelity surfaced.

Craig Conover Talks About Whitney and Naomie

Given that his ex and one of his pals had slept together, Craig may not have been that enthusiastic about the dating rumours. Despite his declaration that he wouldn’t say it, it was expected. Whitney may have violated the bro code, as suggested by Craig. Craig did acknowledge that they could never have foreseen Olindo and Whitney’s mutual interest in one another.

Craig added that because Charleston is such a tiny town, even his business partners had seen Naomie and Whitney together when they were first recognised by the media and by regular folks in the morning at coffee shops. With so many individuals reporting seeing the putative couple, rumours quickly spread.

Is Naomie Olindo in a relationship?

A particular man is in TV star Naomie Olindo’s life, she recently revealed in a big BravoCon 2022 news! The 30-year-old did not reveal the identity of the mystery man, but she did explain how, given her previous public relationships, she would try to keep everything out of the media spotlight. Olindo started talking about how her previous relationships had been a bit of a train wreck and that she didn’t want to share everything with the world as they continued to discuss it.

She continued by saying that relationships are difficult enough and that Olindo is willing to share this with everyone so they may express their opinions. The two were matched up on a blind date 9 years ago, but it did not exactly work out since Naomie withheld the mystery man’s identity. But as time went on, things evolved, and a romance grew between the two. If her new partner does not participate in the show, she may never again have a relationship on TV, Naomie said in response to the question about whether he will.

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