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Anthony and Kimberly Thomas, Parents of Elizabeth Thomas, Who are they, and Where are they now?

Anthony and Kimberly Thomas

Anthony and Kimberly Thomas are the parents of Elizabeth Thomas, who was the girl who disappeared on the 13th of March 2017. Her parents had to go through a lot of legal matters and financial loss to gain the safety of their daughter. In the early investigating details, the investigating officers showed that the parents were related to the daughter’s disappearance as there was no other suspect in the incident. As the daughter was very close to her parents, the officers thought it was some of a check made by the parents. Later, the investigation concluded after the girl was found safe and secured, and she mentioned details about the kidnappers.

Who are Anthony and Kimberly Thomas

Who are Anthony and Kimberly Thomas?

Anthony and Kimberly Thomas are typical South American family who believes that children are the best important thing in life. As Kimberly was directly accused of child abuse and different behaviour against his daughter as well as her siblings, there was a certain report that the investigating officers made that it was the parents who became very rude to the daughters, and that was the reason for which the kidnapping also but later on there were the certain details made available about the girl that shows that the parents were not directly related to the kidnapping and were very disappointed in whatever happened through the entire incident. The parents also mentioned in various interviews that they were very emotional when the daughter was not found.

now Anthony and Kimberly Thomas

Where are Anthony and Kimberly Thomas now?

Anthony and Kimberly Thomas are virgins Together by attending to the child of their dad. It was also mentioned that a divorce was filed between them in April 2017, and presently both live in the United States of America. As the daughter was found safe 38 days after the kidnapping, the things that happened between the 38 days caused the couple to get separated; presently, they are living separately from each other in the United States. Certain parenting things about the couple could have stopped whatever happened as Elizabeth became very dangerous in childhood, and the parents were related to the entire thing.

Details Anthony and Kimberly Thomas

Details related to Anthony and Kimberly Thomas

Anthony and Kimberly Thomas have accepted in various interviews that they have not been very good parents from the earlier part of their parenting life, which was the major reason they never could understand their children. Whatever they did was related to child abuse, which was not accepted in the entire media. The parent’s relationship with the children was not very good, and the children were always in a very fearful relationship with the parents, which negatively impacted their earlier stages of life. Elizabeth also mentioned in her interviews that her early life was brutal and dangerous.

Important details

Important details related to Elizabeth

Elizabeth Thomas was the simple girl who suddenly disappeared on the 13th of March 2017, creating a very dangerous situation for the entire family. As the investigating officers recovered her within 38 days of her disappearance during that situation, it was revealed that her parents were directly having a very bad relationship with the daughter with a lot of child abuse. Presently Elizabeth has been successfully married and has a very good relationship with her husband. She became a mother in March 2020 and is looking forward to creating a direct variant life with her child so that her child does not feel whatever she felt during the earlier days of her life.

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