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Who was Cameron Jackson? How did the 15-Year-Old Die? 

Cameron Jackson

The relatives of a 15-year-old boy who died in a crash near Atlantic Station on Thursday defended him after police believed. Let’s take a closer look at Cameron Jackson and examine how the 15-year-old died since being shot at Atlantic Station.

Precisely who was Cameron Jackson?

Cameron Jackson is the second youngster to die in the recent Atlantic Shooting. Jackson, a 15-year-old from Atlanta, received significant injuries and died as a consequence. According to authorities, the shooting was gang-related. Jackson’s mother questioned the police statement, claiming that his son was not a gang member and that “what happening to her son could happen to any youngster.” Cameron Jackson, 15, comes from a two-parent home, according to his mother, Tiffany Smith. They had all they needed to raise a kid, and she was his homeschool teacher, but she insisted he couldn’t quit Atlanta’s dangerous streets.

Cameron Jackson’s Cause of Death:

The Atlanta shooting occurred on Saturday night, and officers are still looking. Cameron Jackson, 15, was one of six students slain on the 17th Street Bridge after a confrontation near Atlantic Station. Jackson remains in the hospital for many days before expiring to his afflictions on Wednesday. Jackson was the second victim, after Zyion Charles. Zion, 12, died that evening. Although security footage seems to show the same group of youngsters part in the brawl going through downtown Dallas and flashing gang markings on a MARTA station after the shooting, police said they are still exploring whether the incident was a mobster. According to police, the suspect shooters are two gang members.

What was said by the Jackson Family?

According to his family, Cameron Jackson is just not what the police have represented him to be. His coach and friends described him as a fine young guy who dreamed of winning in the Olympics. Tiffany Smith, his mother, said he had been boxing even though he was nine. Smith continued, “I never in a century thought I’d be killing my child.”

Cameron boxed six days a week because he was so addicted to the sport, according to Smith. “In my condition, we had all the resources, but the one thing we were unable to deal with was the neighbourhood, the environment, or the city,” Smith said.

Information from the Coach:

Zahir Raheem, Jackson’s coach, asserted angrily that he had never seen any evidence that Cameron was linked to gang operations. His boxing trainer dubbed him “Little Pooch.” “He was quite disciplined and had a lot of drive, guy. He was quite gentle. We spoke about his hopes, interests, and purpose. He liked animals and baking. He was captivated by projects. According to Raheem, Jackson wants to compete in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. “I saw a lot of myself in him, battling,” Raheem remarked. “It is as if they snatched my dream.” Smith and Raheem believed that the problem of juvenile gun violence must also be addressed since it is hitting everyone right now. “I’m from Atlanta.” I’ve lived here for my entire life. And you watch all of this brutality on TV, but you never imagine it would be your kid one day,” Smith added.

Inquiry by the Police:

On Wednesday, police released CCTV video of a group of young individuals they believe were liable for the gunfire. Police immediately released a video of the suspects at the Arts Center MARTA Station. The Atlanta Police Department asks for the populace’s help in identifying two as shooters. Two suspects can be seen in the footage, one clad in a blue hood and the other wearing a yellow and black one. Atlanta police are offering a $10,000 prize for information leading to an arrest.

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