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Where is Pumpkin Pie Wars Filmed?

Pumpkin Pie Wars

A Hallmark Channel original film called Pumpkin Pie Wars was published in 2016. The son and daughter of two competing bakeries compete against one another in a pumpkin pie contest, where they fall in love. The chemistry between the actors is just as well-known as the stunning settings in the film. Here are the sites where the Pumpkin Pie Wars were filmed.

Pumpkin Pie Wars

Pumpkin Pie Wars Shooting locations

Here is the complete list of the spots where the movie Pumpkin Pie Wars was filmed for people who are curious about them. Most of the film was shot in Canada’s Vancouver and British Columbia, as per reports. It was filmed at Krause Berry Farms in Langley, Steveston in Richmond, the Milsean Shoppe cafe, and Station House Pub & Grill in Abbotsford.

More About The Film

Steven R. Monroe has served as the show’s director. In addition to Michele Scarbelli, Jennifer-Juniper Angeli, Peter Graham-Gaudreau, and Rhonda Dent, as well as Dolores Drake portraying supporting roles, the film stars Julie Gonzalo and Eric Aragon in the significant roles. Aragon has been a member of the cast of The Perfect Wedding, whilst Gonzalo is best known for the film A Cinderella Story.

Two bakeries that debuted in Emeryville simultaneously are the centre of the story in Pumpkin Pie Wars. Faye and Lydia, the respective owners, fought at the neighbourhood pumpkin pie competition. Years later, their son and daughter will face off in the same round to determine who will receive the coveted prize. They are all prepared to assume the role of each bakery’s representative. Things start to go awry when these two, supposed to loathe one another, begin to fall in love.

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