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Finally, Tom Holland Engaged With Zendaya. Twitter Officially Confirms the News

Tom Holland Engaged

Fans of Tom Holland and Zendaya are ecstatic after “reports” of their engagement began circulating on Twitter. “Tom Holland and Zendaya are supposedly engaged!” posted The Pop Hive on Tuesday. ” It was accompanied by a lovely snapshot of the couple beaming at each other. However, the unverified account with over 165k followers did not provide any information about where these “reports” originated. The tweet had received over 490,000 likes and 42.3k retweets at the time of publication. “Tom is going to be Mr Zendaya now,” one person joked. “But he’s so short,” another said. They’re both “in settling down mode,” according to the insider, and “definitely” anticipating a “genuine future together.”

Finally, Tom Holland Engaged With Zendaya:

On the other hand, Twitter is convinced of the rumours and has already showered the pair with love and blessings. According to followers on Twitter, Zendaya and Tom Holland are engaged. One user said, “do tom holland,” and another added, “OMG, Tom Holland & Zendaya are supposedly engaged. Our hearts can’t take it!!!!” Fans are going crazy about the Hollywood couple.

Lovable Relationship Between Tom Holland and Zendaya:

According to a US Weekly source, the Spiderman: No Way Home stars are “serious and permanent” and are in and planning for an actual future together.” In 2016, the Marvel stars met on the set of Spider-Man. They began dating a few years ago but just made it public when the paparazzi took images of them kissing. Their chemistry during the Spiderman: No Way Home promotional events and even in the film was well received. While neither Zendaya nor Tom has commented on the news, netizens are certain.

Tom Holland and Zendaya Tweets Are Trending:

Tom Holland and Zendaya are supposedly engaged!” they tweeted, including a photo of the cute couple in their now-viral message. “Tom is going to be Mr. Zendaya now,” one enthusiastic admirer commented on the post, which has now received over 200,000 “likes” and 30,000 Retweets. “This is fantastic news; I’m so pleased for them,” said another in response to the unconfirmed report. “Wow, what fantastic news,” said another. It’s not surprising given that the couple has grown closer recently, with one source stating they’re going “serious and permanent.” “They’re both in settling-down mode and are planning for a genuine future together,” an insider told Us Weekly of Tom, who played Peter Parker in recent Spiderman films, and Zendaya, who played Michelle Jones, nicknamed MJ.