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Why is Jim Carrey leaving Twitter? Jim Carrey Releases Cartoon Before Leaving Twitter

Why is Jim Carrey leaving Twitter

You may have thought Elon Musk went too far with his Twitter acquisition when he laid off half of its employees. Maybe it was when he made ableist remarks about an ex-employee. Or when he provoked a significant exodus of people due to his general mismanagement of the platform. Granted, scores of individuals losing their jobs was undoubtedly the tipping point, but the last nail in the coffin has been driven: Jim Carrey has closed his account. The serene, mellow, had enough of the platform’s direction under Musk’s leadership.

Before Leaving Twitter, Jim Carrey Releases his First Cartoon:

After 40 years in the film industry, actor Jim Carrey has launched his debut cartoon. Carrey teased the comic on Twitter while announcing his departure from the social media network. The actor announced his release from Twitter in a tweet, adding that he wanted to share a video of his first cartoon before leaving the social networking platform. Carrey claimed that he created the comic with his friend and director, Jimmy Hayward (Jonah Hex) and that the inspiration came from a lighthouse keeper standing amid a storm to summon the angels. He mentioned that the lighthouse keeper’s job is to guide seafarers through a difficult night.

What Does the Cartoon Portray?

The animated animation lasted little over a minute and was accompanied by a message that read, “Here’s a cartoon I did with my pal Jimmy Hayward.” It’s based on my artwork of a crazy old Lighthouse Keeper standing nude in the middle of a storm, summoning the angels and blazing his lantern to guide us through a scary night.” Carrey then concluded his post by expressing his followers and supporters. The actor’s film cartoon, the redhead lighthouse keeper, sang to the heavens while his hair and beard blew in the wind. This lighthouse keeper figure, whom the actor constructed, seems engaging and entertaining to watch and is voiced by Carrey himself.

Why is Jim Carrey leaving Twitter?

Carrey made the announcement alongside a wonderfully meaningful cartoon he and Jimmy Hayward drew of a lighthouse keeper summoning angels and blazing his light out of the darkness. We can hope, Jim, but we appreciate your positive attitude. Stars abandoning Twitter in droves aren’t the only indicators of the social media platform’s doom. As a result, Musk has been having hissy fits over censorship and free expression. On the other side, Chief Twit may have even more troubles on his hands due to Tesla employees reportedly unionising. Congratulations, Elon.

Fan’s Reaction To Jim Carrey’s Tweet:

“I shall miss you and your great artwork that made me giggle and kept my sanity intact!” one user remarked. Thank you very much, Jim Carrey.” “I fulfilled my objective of getting noticed by you through Twitter,” another fan stated. Thank you very much, Jim. It means to me.” “I can’t wait to meet you in person.” Until then, I wish you the best and adore you!” “ I’ve been a Twitter user since the service’s debut in 2006. Since its start, the software has been PERFECT, with no defects. However, this app has taken after Elon Musk took over. That’s it; I’m heading to SOMALIA and social media presence on Tumblr.

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