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Why Didn’t Decay Kill Aizawa?

Aizawa (1)

In My Hero Academia’s episode 9 of season 6, Shota Aizawa countered the Quirk-erasing bullet by cutting his leg off. That’s when Tomura attacked him, and he could touch Aizawa’s face with all five fingers, a phenomenon that should activate Decay. If Decay was activated, why didn’t he kill Aizawa?

Who is Shota Aizawa?

Aizawa is the pro-hero of My Hero Academia, whose values cannot be measured in different missions. His Quirk, Erasure, allows him to erase any person’s quirks as long as he concentrates on them. In that way, he can neutralize any villain in any given citation, thanks to his helpful Quirk. This is the reason he is known as Eraser Head.
Aizawa has a phenomenal reputation for his work in the Paranormal Liberation War arc and when he neutralized the Quirk of Nomus, who could regenerate their body parts. Endeavour even invited Aizawa to join his pro hero team, which of course, Aizawa declined as his students at UA High School needed him.

How does Decay function?

Decay and Aizawa

Along with the introduction of Tomura Shigaraki in My Hero Academia, it was clearly stated that he was a dangerous villain due to his Quirk, which is what we call Decay. Even without reawakening Decay, Shigaraki was still a hazardous villain because his Quirk could instantly kill people.
Decay is Tomura’s Quirk, and only he can truly understand how it works and what it can do. He initially believed that Decay’s uses were limited to close-range targets, but that was because Decay required Tomura to touch his mark with all five fingers.

Why didn’t Decay kill Aizawa?

Decay and Aizawa (1)
In simple words, Decay didn’t kill Aizawa as it was not correctly activated when Shigaraki touched Eraser Head’s face with his five fingers. What happened was Aizawa’s Erasure Quirk was still active when Shigaraki touched him with his five fingers. And before he could activate Decay, Shoto Todoroki attacked Tomura.
If Todoroki had been late by even a split second, Decay would have been activated and instantly killed Aizawa when he lost his concentration. It was all a matter of timing for Eraser Head.

Is Aizawa alive in My Hero Academia?

Aizawa Alive
Yes, Aizawa is not dead in My Hero Academia, even after he was grabbed in the face by Tomura Shigaraki. His teacher saved his life right before Decay could get to him. After the attack, Aizawa did pass out due to all the injuries given by Shigaraki.
Aizawa is also highly unlikely to die as he is an all-favourite hero in My Hero Academia and has a lot of fans loving his character and Quirk. But that’s when the author tends to attack and kill your favourite characters, so there’s still a possibility that Aizawa may die in the future. As of now, he was defeated in the battle with Shigaraki and is alive.

What will happen to Aizawa in future?

Aizawa Alive

According to the manga, Aizawa will be rushed to the hospital immediately after the battle ends to get proper medical treatment. Due to what Shigaraki had done to him, he lost his right eye and one of his legs. It rendered him almost useless, and he even admitted that Erasure was no longer as potent as it was because he could only use one eye to concentrate.
Shigaraki failed to kill Aizawa, but he was able to nerf the most dangerous pro heroes of My Hero Academia. This caused him to believe that Aizawa was no longer a cause of concern. He didn’t know that Eraserhead trained Neito Monona, whose Copy quirk could copy Erasure and be used as his Quirk. That’s why Aizawa and Neito picked another battle with Shigaraki, and they finally won.

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