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Where is Killer Clyde Hedrick Now? Detailed View of Crime Case

Where is Killer Clyde Hedrick Now

Where is Killer Clyde Hedrick Now? Detailed View of Crime Case

We get a comprehensive view into the dark, twisted, filthy side of human nature many times over with Netflix’s: The Texas Killing Fields. After all, it details the deaths of multiple women along Interstate 45 since the 1970s and the possible involvement of felons like William Reece and Clyde Hedrick. For the time being, though, we’ve got you covered if you want to discover more about the latter — his past, alleged offences, personal experiences, and present position.

Who is Clyde Hedrick?

While we don’t know much about Clyde’s early years or upbringing, as a young adult, he relocated from Florida to Texas due to the emergence of fast-paced cities like Houston. He eventually obtained steady work as a roofer in the construction business while spending his spare time hanging out at local bars and nightclubs to let loose. According to the three-part series, he was “a good-looking man back in the day”, which was one of the reasons he “thought himself a ladies’ man.”

Clyde Hedrick, a Casanova Conman:

In truth, he was a “Casanova conman” with a lengthy rap sheet detailing a slew of sophisticated felonies against kids, strangers, former companions, and the state. The majority of them date from 1977 to 2000 and involve, among other things, tempting a child, aggravated kidnapping, sexual assault, criminal trespassing, theft, marijuana possession, driving while intoxicated, and abuse of a corpse. The latter count is based on the disappearance of Ellen Rae Simpson Beason, 30, who was last seen alive leaving in 1984.

Ellen Rae Simpson Beason Found Dead:

In July that year, Ellen’s decaying remains were discovered beneath a discarded sofa and other rubbish on a gravel road in Galveston County, making Clyde the prime suspect. However, because her cause of death was unknown at the time, his allegations about the duo going swimming after partying, where she drowned, could not be positively disputed. Officials were thus forced to keep to his story. He said he disposed of her along the lonely route in a panic, fearing being suspected of foul play leading to a corpse abuse conviction in 1996.

Officials Filed the Case:

Nonetheless, when Ellen’s body was excavated in 2012, her new autopsy revealed her skull fractures, indicating she’d been hit on the head before drowning. Clyde was so arrested on a single count of murder, only to be found guilty on the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter by a Galveston County jury in 2014 at the age of 60. He was given 20 years in jail, but the evidence tying him to the Killing Fields drew everyone’s attention in the total court papers. Prosecutors presented a notice of intent within the records while preparing for trial.

Where is Killer Clyde Hedrick Now?

Although Laura’s father, Tim Miller, won a wrongful death lawsuit, Clyde has never been formally charged with any death other than Ellen’s. Tim was awarded more than $24 million in liabilities and damages, as well as court fees and annual interest, as a consequence of the civil action he filed against the convicted felon. Still, the motion was only granted by default because he had failed to appear in court despite notices. The truth is that Clyde Edwin Hedrick was freed from Huntsville’s Estelle Supermax Penitentiary in early October 2021 after serving only eight years on good conduct due to a technicality. He was then placed under mandatory monitoring and transferred to a Houston halfway home, where he appears to be still today.

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