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Sasha Attwood, Who is Jack Grealish’s Girlfriend?

Jack Grealish’s girlfriend

Sasha Attwood, who is She?

Sasha Attwood, 26, is a model and influencer from Solihull, West Midlands. She has amassed a considerable following on Instagram, with about 150,000 followers at the time of writing. Her modelling career has taken off with her Premier League boyfriends. She was allegedly discovered at 13 when shopping with her mum in Birmingham.

Sasha Attwood has Modelled for who?

Sasha has been busy with her profession while her lover Jack has worked hard on the pitch. While shopping with her mum in Birmingham at 13, she was found by a modelling agent. Industry Model Management represents the blonde model, who has modelled for various high-profile labels. It was announced in September 2021 that she had signed a lucrative contract as the face of the online clothes retailer Boohoo.

What Exactly does Sasha do?

The girl, 26, from Solihull, was reportedly selected by a fashion company when she was 13. She had gone shopping with her mum and has since worked with trendy businesses such as Boohoo and House of Fraser. This year, she was signed as L’Oreal’s new face. Aside from that, she has her own YouTube channel to discuss fashion and other topics. She has almost 45,000 followers. The social media star stated she received 200 death threats daily during the 2021 Euros while rooting for Jack. “I didn’t ask for any of it, didn’t want for anything to be put out there,” she had stated. “But it’s out there. And I’m just going to keep on as normal.”

Rumours of Engagement and Marriage:

The young pair have spawned several engagement rumours, but there has been no confirmation. However, the Manchester City star has expressed his wish to marry one day. He told The Face, “My mom and dad are wedded, so obviously, I want to do that.” I know it’s obvious, but I aim to be happy. That is the essential thing in life. He comes from a large family and wants to create his own, but there are more critical things on the horizon for him right now, such as the World Cup in Qatar, which begins on Sunday, November 20 and concludes on December 18 with the final at Lusail Stadium.

Jack Grealish has been Dating Sasha Attwood for How Long?

Sasha first met Jack while they were pupils at St Peter’s Roman Catholic Academy in Solihull. They started dating a decade ago when they were 15 and 16. The couple has remained together throughout their twenties, though it is believed that they had an ‘on-off’ relationship during this time.

Sasha Lives Where?

Sasha and Jack have recently relocated to a £5.6 million property in the Cheshire countryside. A wood-panelled gentleman’s office, floodlit tennis courts, a professionally constructed golf hole, a swimming pool, a leisure suite, a gym, and a wine store are all part of the 20-acre rural getaway.

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