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Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre Died at the Age of 99

How did Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre die

Charlie Clark, Mari Cruz, and Aurora Aguirre Nana, Nissan’s founder, died at 99. Let’s take a closer look into Charlie Clark Nissan’s Nana’s death and Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre’s cause of death.

Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre Died in what Way?

The tragic demise of the Rio Grande Valley’s most well-known “Nana” “It is with a sorrowful heart that we inform you of Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre ‘Nana’s’ passing,” Charlie Clark Nissan said on Facebook. Nana captured our hearts and became a symbol for our Nanas.” Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre, often known as “Nana,” starred in Charlie Clark dealership advertisements on billboards and television commercials around the Valley.

Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre’s Demise:

We regret to notify you of the funeral of Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre’s “Nana.” We are appreciative of everyone’s love and devotion to her. Nana captured our hearts and became a symbol for all of our Nanas. She is and will be a pillar to those who know her. You will be remembered forever. El Paso’s Nana, Laredo’s Nana… Nana, our Nana! The funeral arrangements will be published later. Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre’s death was natural, and age appears to play a role. Clark told ValleyCentral that his most recent film, “Green Ghost,” was dedicated to Nana. “She became quite a famous character in South Texas, Mexico, and now the El Paso region,” writes Charlie Clark of ValleyCentral. She was a beacon of hope, and we look up to her.”

Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre, Who was She?

Aguirre, a native of Montemorelos, Mexico, was Clark’s lifelong nanny and worked for the Clark family for four generations. Clark and Aguirre had a close relationship because they were virtually related. “Even though Mrs Aguirre was married to a man named Amado and had a kid of their own, she would soon adore Charlie to the point where she would view him as her son and he as a mother,” according to the biography on the dealership’s website. This relationship became a cornerstone of the company’s sales drives to sell vehicles to the Latino population.

“Charlie also employed his beloved Nana in his marketing efforts, at times replicating suitable humorous elements from Hollywood classics like Rocky.” Charlie and Nana assume the roles of fighter and trainer, respectively, to emulate Sylvester Stallone and his wife in the film Rocky. Clark, Charlie Nissan Harlingen will achieve incredible success and never look back after collaborating with the Latino community.” Many of these commercials featured Aguirre, who was small and grandmotherly in appearance, humorously threatening to “pau pau” Clark to emphasise that the corporation would honour its promises with a spanking.

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