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Fred Toucher’s Divorce Timeline Explained

Fred Toucher's Divorce Timeline Explained

Is he looking for information on Fred Toucher’s divorce? Yes, we are referring to the host of the radio discussion show. His most famous work is “The Toucher and Rich.” Since last month, he has been making news about his impending divorce, surprising everyone. What took place? Fred Toucher is the host of the radio discussion show on WBZ-FM, to begin with. Speaking about the programme above, he co-hosts it with Rich Shertenlieb. Fred, born on January 16, 1975, is now 47. He is a native of Detroit, Michigan, in the US.

Fred had aspirations of working at a radio station since he was young. He went to Florida’s Rollins College for his graduation. He started by emceeing shows on 99X. The Toucher and Rich showed premiered in 2006 and shifted to 98.5 The Sports Hub in 2009. Although he has a beautiful wife and children, Fred Toucher’s private life has not been all that exciting. His children are Zoey and Milo, to be specific. He has been residing with his family outside of Boston since 2005.

Fred Toucher's Divorce Timeline Explained

As was previously noted, Fred Toucher’s divorce, announced last month, has left some wondering why their marriage deteriorated so badly. That has to do with having an alcohol problem in public. Here are the details if you’re seeking Fred Toucher’s divorce timeline.


Fred Toucher took a vacation from The Toucher and Rich show in July 2022. Do you know why? This is because the host of the radio talk show was having difficulties and was coping with his divorce.

Let’s discover more about Fred Toucher’s wife before moving on to the timeline of their divorce. He did get married to Stephanie Toucher, though. If you’re wondering who Stephanie is, she has work expertise in marketing and promotion for the food and beverage sector. She reportedly has a connection to MaidPro.

When Stephanie Toucher and Fred Toucher got married is unknown. For almost 13 years, she raised their children while remaining at home. She later left to pursue a career in business.


It is assumed that Stephanie Toucher and Fred Toucher have been married for at least 14 years. But we are unsure! Well, until 2020, the couple and their kids were doing fine and having the time of their lives. News of Fred and Stephanie’s marital problems first surfaced in the middle of the year. The host of the radio talk show, though, didn’t speak much about the issues.

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Fred and Stephanie decided to divorce legally in the meantime. However, they avoided being critical of one another. He declared that their divorce was still pending at the time in October. It is unknown if their divorce has been settled as of yet. Let’s hope not. If not, he would have undoubtedly made a formal declaration. Therefore, we might assume that Stephanie, Fred Toucher’s wife, is no longer together.

Well, Fred Toucher and his two kids have a close relationship. The parents appear to be raising them jointly despite splitting up with Stephanie. Co-parenting is the term we use. He frequently shares photos of his kids on social media.

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