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Will Ryan and Colby Get Arrested? Yellowstone Queries Got Cleared

Will Ryan and Colby Get Arrested

The fifth season of the Paramount Network’s Western series ‘Yellowstone’ opens with John Dutton taking over as Governor of Montana. Rip Wheeler takes over the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch as he becomes more involved with his official duties. Rip observes that wolves are killing the ranch’s cattle. The actions he monitors in this regard open the door to severe issues and concerns. In the fourth episode, rangers from Yellowstone National Park encounter John, raising concerns about the fates of Ryan and Colby, who are deeply embroiled in the situation. If you’re curious about the future of the two beloved characters, you’ve come to the correct spot.

Will Ryan and Colby Get Arrested?

When Rip discovers that wolves are killing the ranch’s cattle, he orders Ryan and Colby to slaughter them. In the fifth season’s second episode, Ryan and Colby shoot down multiple wolves entering the property in the fifth season’s second episode. They only realise the wolves belong to Yellowstone National Park after they have killed them. To escape arrest, they alert Rip of the situation. Rip removes the wolves’ GPS tags, places them in logs, and discards them in a nearby creek. Nonetheless, the National Park’s rangers locate the records and tags. The rangers discover that the wolves entered the Dutton Ranch before flowing through the stream after analysing the wolves’ traces.

What Happens In Season 5, Episode 4?

The rangers meet John in the fourth episode of the fifth season and explain what might have happened, which isn’t far from the truth. As the rangers warn John about the unavoidable inquiry, Ryan and Colby’s future may be jeopardised. However, they may or may not be arrested. First and foremost, the situation is more complex than two ranch employees. Because officials suspect the wolves were murdered on the Governor’s ranch, John’s integrity and reputation are expected to suffer, and the situation may become politically relevant. It may even be used against John by Market Equities.

What Happened To Ryan and Colby?

Nobody cares about Ryan and Colby, two unimportant ranch labourers in the big scheme. Furthermore, John may try to avoid any further discussion of the matter. John arranging Summer Higgins’ release to add her as an environmentalist to his team indicates that John wants to resolve this situation as quickly as feasible. John knows that Ryan and Colby’s impending arrests will taint his reputation, which is the last thing he needs as he faces a severe threat to his ranch.

Were Denim Richards and Ian Bohen Quitting Yellowstone?

Ian Bohen and Denim Richards have yet to state their exits from ‘Yellowstone.’ Furthermore, the departure of the two beloved actors has yet to be formally confirmed by Paramount Network, indicating that the two actors are unlikely to leave the Western drama very soon. As previously stated, the plot development involving the deceased wolf affects John more than the two ranch employees. The Governor and Rip are anticipated to remain in Yellowstone to protect Ryan and Colby. Even if Ryan and Colby consider turning themselves in for the sake of John, the Dutton patriarch is intelligent enough to recognise that the arrests of two Yellowstone ranch employees will significantly impact his reputation.

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