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Will John Dutton Resign? Yellowstone Theories Explained

Will John Dutton Resign

The Paramount Network’s ‘Yellowstone’ presents a fascinating tale centered on the Duttons, a family of ranchers attempting to safeguard their traditional ranch from external dangers. Jamie Dutton has political ambitions in the series, but his adopted father, John Dutton, rises to the post of Governor. However, the recent introduction of Sarah Atwood and the issues John encounters as Governor may make viewers wonder if a shift in power relations is on the way. If John would quit as Governor, allowing Jamie to take over, here’s everything you need to know!

Season 5 Premiere:

John Dutton is elected Governor of Montana in the season 5 premiere, titled ‘One Hundred Years Is Nothing.’ As Governor, John’s first step is to reduce funding for Market Equities’ airport project. The corporation has invested millions of dollars in the project, and John’s decision devastated their financial plans. Furthermore, John deftly avoids any legal action the company might take against him. As a result, CEO Caroline Warner is sacked, and John Dutton preserves his property.

Will John Dutton Resign?

Sarah Atwood, the consultant hired by Market Equities to deal with the Duttons, sets her plan in motion in the fourth episode of the season, titled ‘Horses in Heaven.’ She sees Jamie Dutton as the family’s weak link and aims to exploit his emotions to bring the Duttons down. As a result, she meets Jamie for dinner and has a conversation with him. Sarah casually threatens to destroy John Dutton’s reputation, compelling him to resign as Governor throughout the chat. Meanwhile, John anticipates a clash with environmentalists in the aftermath of the death of National Park wolves on his ranch. As a result, Market Equities may be able to use the incident to force John to resign as Governor.

Who is Jamie Dutton?

Jamie is the adopted son of John. He has political aspirations but is limited to the position of Attorney General. Jamie’s legacy and his father’s desire to rescue their ancestral land overshadow him. As a result, Jamie struggles to carve out his path and frequently finds himself performing John’s dirty work. However, after meeting his biological father, Garrett Randall, Jamie vows to oppose John. He wishes to run for Governor but decides to run in the election himself. Although Jamie attempts to run against John, the truth about Garrett being behind the Duttons’ attack emerges. He is compelled to assassinate Garrett, and his political dreams are dashed.

Will Jamie Dutton Become the Next Governor?

Jamie works under John in the fifth season but still needs to give up on his political goals. Market Equities believes they can use Jamie against John. Jamie was also the one who leased John’s land to the corporate organisation. As a result, they anticipate they will support their Montana real estate ventures. Sarah also adds during her dinner with Jamie that after Market Equities forces John to retire, it will help a new Governor who will accept their intentions. Jamie might very well be that candidate. Given his past political ambitions and betrayal of John, it would not be shocking to see Jamie promote Market Equities for Governor. Only time will tell whether Jamie becomes a puppet for Market Equities or supports his family.

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