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Who Are the Royal Guard in Bleach?

Who Are the Royal Guard in Bleach

The Royal Guard, commonly known as Zero Division, is the defence force in the realm of the Soul King and works in the direction of the Soul King. They are in charge of guarding the Soul King and his kingdom and reside in the Palace of the Soul King. TenjirKirinji, IchibeiHysube, who serves as their Captain, EtsuNimaiya, SenjumaruShutara, and KirioHikifune, a former captain of the Twelfth Division, are the group’s other members.

The Royal Guard in Bleach and its members will be discussed in detail in the following paragraphs. We will provide you with background information regarding each individual and their roles. If you’ve not finished the manga, we must forewarn you that some of the information in the following sentences contains spoilers because all of these details will be disclosed later in the anime.

Royal Guard in Bleach

The defence force in the Soul King’s dimension is known as the Royal Guard, also known as Zero Division, and the Soul King himself commands it. Just because KirioHikifune was sent to this Division, KisukeUrahara, the Twelfth Division’s Captain, was conscious of its existence. In Chapter 516, Zero Division makes its public debut. Zero Division, as per Hirako, is a guest at the Soul King’s palace.

The Tenchûren, a flying tower, is where Zero Division lands. According to Kyôraku, Zero Division only has five personnel, all of whom are captains; hence the Tenchûren serves as their only mode of transportation. Their combined strength is greater than the combined strength of the other 13 Divisions. The royal detachment is not subject to the control of Central 46.

Royal Guard in Bleach: Their Members and Their Powers

After Chapter 516, the following members of Zero Division can be seen: SenjumaruShutara and KirioHikifune are two girls, and TenjirKirinji, IchibeiHysube, and EtsuNimaiya are three guys. In this article, we’ll give each of them an introduction.


After the Wandenreich invaded Soul Society, cc, a member of the Royal Guard, first emerged. “Monk Who Calls the Real Name” is how they refer to him. In addition, he appears to be the Royal Guard’s leader, at least according to Yhwach. He was most likely a Gotei 13 member, as were all Royal Guard personnel. It is still being determined which of the 13th Divisions he formerly belonged to.

His unique contribution to Seireitei was that he created many words and phrases that bear his names, such as Zanpakuto, Shikai, and Bankai. This is why, for instance, he is also aware of each Zanpakuto’s real name.

Ichibei is a member of the Royal Guard and possesses martial abilities and strong reiatsu that surpass those of a Gotei 13 Captain. His incredible power is highlighted by the fact that he was the sole adversary to date who could outlast Yhwach or even outperform him. Being the head of the Royal Guard makes him, in theory, the strongest Shinigami, according to Yhwach.


TenjirKirinji, a soldier in the Royal Guard, emerged following the Wandenreich assault on Soul Society. “Hot Spring Demon” is his given name. Tenjir frequently exhibits raucous, arrogant, and offensive behaviour, much like a thug, robber, or crook. He often appears to want to start a fight and must frequently be restrained. The leaders of the Gotei 13 appear to be beneath him in his eyes.

Given that Unohana was his student, he is also the only figure to date with the audacity to call her by her first name and act disrespectfully in her presence. RetsuUnohana, apparently his student, suggests that he could have been the former Captain of the 4th Division, while it is uncertain which of the 13th Divisions he originally belonged to.

Tenjir was Unohana’s teacher, making him appear to be a more skilled healer than she was. He created a process for his treatment techniques that uses hot springs with healing properties. He is known as “Lightning-Fast Tenjir” because of his lightning-quick reflexes, which he displayed when he unexpectedly appeared behind Soi Fon. He is among the fastest Shinigami ever. His acceptance into the Royal Guard is more evidence of his exceptional reiatsu and combat skills.


KirioHikifune, who formerly served as the 12th Division’s Captain, is currently a guardian of the royal family. She is known as the “Ruler of Grain.” When Kirio reencountered Shinji, she instantly started a conversation with him, giving the impression that she was a friendly woman. But she seems to have given in to a minor food addiction when she joined the Royal Guard.

Little is known about her other than that she departed Soul Society under the guise of retiring just before the Turn back the Pendulum arc. She merely did it, though, to join the Royal Guard. Hiyori Sarugaki, her lieutenant at the time, was devastated by this Turn of events because she and KirioHikifune resembled a mother and daughter. KisukeUrahara was her successor.

She had to lose a few pounds while serving in the Royal Guard because her cooking methods required a lot of reiatsu; as a result, even Shinji found it difficult to recognise her later. The Royal Guard appeared to aid in the creation of Soul Society following the Wandenreich attack that killed Yamamoto and several other Shinigami. The captains who were still alive hailed the Royal Guard soldiers.


The creator of the Zanpakut, EtsuNimaiya, is a member of the Royal Guard. He goes by the name “Tshin,” equivalent to God of the Sword in English. EtsuNimaiya is enthusiastic and enjoys making jokes and using English words. He’s very unpredictable, according to KirioHikifune. He has a sense of humour akin to KisukeUrahara, for instance, pushing Ichigo to strike an embarrassing pose so he can take a picture of it and show his Zanpakut girlfriends.

In addition, he detests living in substandard conditions and has constructed a somewhat larger property where additional Zanpakut spirit women stay in addition to his actual workplace and home. Furthermore, he holds each Zanpakut in the highest regard and expects its wearer to feel the same. In addition, his personality may be compared to a blend of Keigo, Kon, and Kisuke.

Many years ago, Etsu developed the Zanpakut, which many Shinigami used as their primary weapon. This creation was deemed crucial by the Soul King for defending Soul Society, so Etsu was chosen to join the Zero Division. The Zanpakut was made famous by EtsuNimaiya, demonstrating his talent for fine craftsmanship, Kido skills, and intelligence. His acceptance into the Royal Guard is more evidence of his exceptional reiatsu and combat skills.


SenjumaruShutara, a member of the Royal Guard, is among the Shinigami tasked with guarding the Soul King. “Great Weave Guard” is her nick moniker. She deserves her position because she invented the Shihakush and another Shinigami garb. Shutara has an amusing and tease-y demeanour, which is seen in her initial appearance when she arrives with much hoopla and is cradled in her six arms.

Of course, one would assume that her co-workers persuaded her to participate in this foolish little game. Still, the fact that she only seldom shows up and has a propensity for agitating Mayuri proves the opposite. She takes her job extremely seriously, though, and when Renji visits her palace and refuses to participate, she threatens to cut off his “parts,” which finally convinces him to comply.

Senjumaru, who was quite well-known among them, was a Captain of a Gotei 13 division, just like the other members of the Royal Guard. She developed a scale called the Shutara Scale, which monitors or maintains track of the current balance of souls at a certain point in her history. She was selected for the Royal Guard by the Soul King himself after making a significant contribution to the Soul Society.

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