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Where Are Christina and Jamie’s Son in Yellowstone?

Where Are Christina and Jamie's Son in Yellowstone

Yellowstone, a Western television series on the Paramount Network, is in its fourth season, which features the reunion of Jamie Dutton and Christina, his old love interest. She doesn’t just reenter his life; she also exposes Jamie to their son, who he hasn’t seen before. But their kinship fades so quickly. At least till episode 5 of the season, Christina and Jamie’s son is absent from the television series’ fifth season. In episode 4 of the season, Beth Dutton finds out that Jamie is the father of a son. We’ve been speculating about the whereabouts of Christina and the young kid, and Beth is astonished to learn the same. We’d love to share our theories with you if you’re curious about the same thing! BEWARE OF SPOILERS.

Does Jamie get to know Christina and his son?

When Christina learns Jamie is no longer under the Duttons’ sway, she re-joins him along with their children. The fact that Jamie prefers to be with his family despite Christina’s longstanding desire for her boyfriend to be independent causes them to separate ways. Christina finds that her boyfriend isn’t the same guy anymore when Jamie purchases a new mansion so that he can live with his biological father, Garrett Randall. She returns so she can keep her word. But Christina’s choice to start a family with the attorney general must have been altered by Beth’s decision to make Jamie kill Randall.

Christina must have believed that Jamie could never escape the Duttons’ control when he killed Randall to obey Beth’s commands, which probably prompted her to break up with Jamie and return to her previous life. If so, Christina must be with her kid, Jamie and Christina’s child, in her secret hometown. Jamie must still be meeting them because his car still has a baby seat attached to it, perhaps for the benefit of the couple’s son. Even though Christina doesn’t want to be with him, she might not be able to prevent him from seeing his kid, which may have involved letting Jamie visit the youngster occasionally.

If Jamie and Christina are still together, he must have begged her to avoid Beth for their son’s sake. Beth makes it evident in the fourth season finale that she wouldn’t think twice about killing him if it came to it. She further destroys his life by making him kill Randall. Jamie might not wish for Christina and their child to be the next caller. Jamie, more than anyone, is aware of the extent and severity of Beth’s rage, and he wouldn’t want to risk his partner and their son’s safety by remaining with them. Jamie must have given Christina the order to live somewhere secret, then.

Additionally, given that Beth cannot be a mother due to him, Jamie would want to avoid telling her that he has become a parent. Jamie brought Beth to a clinic after she became pregnant with Rip’s child and got Beth’s abortion approved, which prevented Beth from becoming pregnant again. Jamie must have taken Christina with their son to a safe area, out of Beth’s grasp, because he seemed aware that Beth seeing his son would only enrage her. Jamie may have been concerned about Beth’s threat because she even makes it in the fourth episode of the season, which justifies her action.

It is logical to infer that Christina and the child she had with Jamie live far away from Jamie, probably for their safety. Jamie must have occasionally visited Christina and their son. His car’s child seat is an obvious sign that his son is still a component of his life. We may see Jamie defending Christina andtheir son from Beth in forthcoming episodes of season 5 if Beth decides to terrify him by scaring the mother and son.

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