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What Happened to Lisa Ebberson from my 600-Pound Life?

Where Is Lisa Ebberson From My 600-Lb Life Now

Lisa Ebberson is one of the show’s newest faces on TLC’s “My 600-lb. Life, “She has swiftly become one of the show’s most notorious characters. Ebberson weighed 630 pounds when she appeared on My 600-lb. Life in Season 10, Episode 14. She’s been confined to her bed for years, with a doctor claiming standing on her ankle would break her bones. Her life had been filled with complex relationships and decisions up until that moment, but her desire to create a better upbringing for her grandkids continues to motivate Ebberson. 

Is Lisa Ebberson Dead or Alive, According to My 600-Lb Life?

This TLC diet show has the most significant death rate of any reality TV show. Of course, most participants, such as Lisa Ebberson, seek help because they are morbidly obese and want to undergo life-changing bariatric surgery. When they meet Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, the majority are in severe condition. These folks appear in My 600-Lb Life at their worst. They show Dr. Now’s patients bingeing on bad foods and rebelling against his tight regimen, and the majority are denied surgery. Lisa’s tale was broadcast on February 2, 2022. Lisa was then subjected to critical fan feedback. It frequently happens after shows air, as viewers complain about what they perceive to be sloth or a lack of ambition in losing the weight necessary to qualify for surgery. Lisa declined to cooperate in her case, leaving her episode unfinished. However, her live-in lover died of COVID, and she was also hospitalised following a positive diagnosis. So, Lisa Ebberson, are you still alive? Yes! And doing very well.

Lisa Claims that the Producers of My 600-Lb Life “Stalked” Her.

Lisa Ebberson of My 600-Lb Life stated that she was pressed to sign the contract with little time to evaluate it, which is consistent with the allegations in the upcoming case. She said her grandkids lived with her throughout filming, and producers were aware of her time restrictions. Despite this, she stated that they would not leave at the agreed-upon time because they had left my granddaughters out in the cold that day while filming – it had just snowed. And Lisa claimed that even after she told them she was through shooting, they refused to leave. She explained that they knocked on my door and called me every day for weeks. They are watching you. But Lisa Ebberson has no ill will against Dr. Nowzaradan, the doctor from My 600-Lb Life. Dr. Now, for example, doesn’t approve of how the programme treated me, according to Lisa. She maintains, however, that he also has a contract with the show. He’s not that cruel, despite how tough he is with patients, “he’s still chatting with me.

Lisa Ebberson Has She Lost Weight Since My 600-Lb Life?

Lisa was in desperate need of assistance when she contacted Dr. Now. She claims that physicians advised her she couldn’t stand or she’d shatter her bones due to her extreme weight. Nonetheless, she claims they “tried to encourage me to stand.” We inquired whether she believed she could achieve her weight loss goal. “I did until they got out here,” Lisa Ebberson replied. “They didn’t care about me from day one,” he added. She joined My 600-Lb Life because she was “eager to reclaim my life.” It did not occur. They construct people’s aspirations for nothing.” We inquired whether there was anything positive. “No,” she answered emphatically. We asked whether it was simply remorse, and she said, “absolutely.” Lisa stated that “people posted awful remarks on my Facebook page” after her episode aired. Lisa Ebberson’s health is improving despite this incident. “When I initially arrived at the hospital, I was at 636,” she said exclusively to SD. And I got to 495.”

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