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What happened to James Knight? The Cause of Death of an Australian Celebrity Doctor

James Knight die

James Wright, the country’s first celebrity doctor on radio and television, died at 94. Let’s take a closer look at how famous doctor James Wright died and his cause of death.

Who was James Wright?

Dr James Wright was Australia’s first celebrity doctor, often appearing on television and hosting The Good Health Show on 2UE. In 1953, John Knight graduated from the University of Sydney and relocated to the isolated NSW town of Tottenham, where he worked as a general practitioner. He started writing health articles for Australian women in publications, including Women’s Weekly, Dolly, Cleo, and Women’s Day. He also contributed to major metropolitan publications such as The Sunday Telegraph and The Melbourne Herald Sun. In 1972, John Knight appeared on The Mike Walsh Show as Dr James Wright, and he eventually became a TV regular on The Midday Show. He rose to prominence by making medicine more accessible to ordinary Australians, including installing cameras in hospital operating rooms and intensive care units. In the 1980s, Dr Wright started the work of de-stigmatizing HIV/AIDS. He would educate ordinary Australians about the disease’s reality and seek to decrease panic. He and his wife Noreen founded the Medi-Aid Foundation in 1971 to help elderly persons needing low-cost housing. He was awarded the Order of Australia in 1998 and was a nominee for the NSW Senior Australian of the Year award in 2017.

What Happened to James Wright?

Sydney’s 2GB radio DJ Ben Fordham paid homage to Dr Wright, real name John Knight, on Tuesday morning. Medical practitioners who worked as “media consultants” at the time were not allowed to use their precise words on television. From the 1970s until the 1990s, Dr Wright hosted The Good Health Show on 2UE and was featured as the “merry medic” on The Mike Walsh Program and The Early Afternoon Show. He also contributed to the Australian magazine Dolly’s legendary “Dolly Doctor” section. Dr Wright’s charity initiatives were lauded by Fordham, who stated he was “lucky enough” to have worked with him at 2UE. “He did incredible things to assist people to get away from the speaker and the Television studio,” he added. He established a foundation that held hundreds of flats in Surfers Paradise high-rise buildings, and he rented those apartments to struggling elderly retirees for one-third of their income.

Cause of Death for James Wright:

John “James Wright” Knight, a well-known TV and radio physician, died on Sunday at 94. Dr Wright passed away on November 27, two weeks before his 95th birthday. The natural cause of death for James Wright was the age factor. Ben Fordham, a Sydney radio broadcaster, commended his charity efforts to protect at-risk elderly. ‘I used to appreciate how he’d say to people who called in on the show, “what’s your problem?” so there was no medical jargon,’ Fordham said. People would call in to let him know what was going on. People would call in to let him know what was going on. People would ring in to inform him what was going on. They frequently brought up issues with Dr James Wright that they were too hesitant to discuss with their doctor. He’d respond to everyone’s questions. He would respond to everyone’s inquiries. He was unusual. He was well-educated. He was a pleasure to be around.’

James Wright’s Professional Career:

Knight was born in England and worked as a carpenter for the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) in 1676. He became the main factor of the trading station of Fort Albany in James Bay in 1682, where he grew wealthy. In 1697, he bought shares in the HBC and was voted to the board of trustees in 1711. The protracted conflicts of the Grand Alliance and the Spanish Succession between England and France had split to North America, financially and logistically battering the Company. Four of the Company’s five trade stations were taken over by the French; in 1693, Knight led an expedition that successfully regained Fort Albany, the only one still held by the English.

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