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Rachel Thompson and Brittney Robertson Murders: What Happened to Anthony Barnes Jr. and Desmond Laster?

Rachel Thompson and Brittney Robertson Murders

The horrible quadruple murder of Rachel Thompson, her two children, and Brittney Robertson in February 2010 is the subject of Investigation Discovery’s ‘Ice Cold Killers Winter Blaze.’ Brittney’s body was discovered a few hours after the bodies of the young mother and her children were recovered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in February 2010. The episode follows the detectives as they track down the criminals, bringing viewers through the events chronologically. If you’re curious about the killers’ identities and whereabouts, here’s what we know.

Who is Rachel Thompson and Brittney Robertson?

Rachel Marie Thompson was born on July 25, 1986, to Robin Thompson and Jesse Pammaskah. Freddy Williams, her mother’s lover, stabbed her mother, Robin, and grandmother, Laramie D. Thompson, to death in 1993. Rachel was six years old when Tom and Tina Thompson adopted her. Rachel, 23, was a loving single mother to her three boys, Torian Thompson-Carter, 4, Jaden Thompson-Carter, 3, and 6-week-old Maurice Visor Jr., in February 2010. She and her children lived in a duplex apartment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on the 800 block of S. 12th Street, with a roommate named Brittney M. Robertson, 19. “She (Rachel) truly loved the winters,” her uncle, Todd Moreno, remarked on the show.

Rachel Thompson and Brittney Robertson Murders:

She prioritized her children above all else. Her life was centered on providing the best possible existence for her children.” According to her relatives, Rachel was studying to become a daycare teacher and dreamed of owning her daycare. Rachel’s downstairs neighbor heard the fire alarm siren and raced upstairs to see smoke shooting out of the apartment early on February 26, 2010. He dialed 911, and firefighters came to discover Rachel’s body. They were suspicious when they realized she had been stabbed, had her throat slit, had duct tape wrapped around her limbs, and had molten plastic on her face. According to the autopsy report, she died due to blunt trauma and stab wounds.

How Did Rachel Thompson and Brittney Robertson?

Rachel’s neighbour informed investigators that the newborn, Maurice, and her roommate, Brittney, were missing. The police quickly issued an AMBER notice and began searching for the missing child. They also showed Brittney’s face on all major news outlets, fearing that the perpetrator had taken her along with Maurice Jr. Rachel’s family began to fear the worst as the hours passed. They told the investigators that Rachel and her boyfriend, Maurice Visor, did not get along and had recent heated disagreements after she discovered him cheating on her. The officers were suspicious of Maurice after learning he was not the biological father of Rachel’s two other children.

What Has Happened to Anthony Barnes Jr. and Desmond Laster?

Anthony claimed that he, Desmond, and Brittney went to Rachel’s house and murdered the mother and her two sons. Brittney was fascinated with Maurice Sr. and envious of Rachel, even after taking her to live with her. The trio then departed with the baby and approximately $800 in their possession. They left the baby at the church because they couldn’t keep him quiet and were afraid of drawing attention to themselves. After seeing Brittney’s face all over the news, the two were nervous, and Anthony shot her on Desmond’s orders. Anthony, then 23, and Desmond, then 21, were both charged with four charges of first-degree intentional homicide, one crime of felon in possession of a handgun, and one offence of arson to a building.

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