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Does Ban Die in The Seven Deadly Sins?

Does Ban Die in The Seven Deadly Sins_

One of the original series’s most well-liked and memorable characters is Ban.He is the resident bad boy of The Seven Deadly Sins. The one thing we do know about Ban, of course, is that he was virtually unkillable for the entire series because of his longevity. But items altered towards the last chapters of the Seven Deadly Sins tale. In The Seven Deadly Sins, does Ban die?

The Seven Deadly Sins’ events do not result in Ban’s death. Ban, however, gives up his immortality in the series’ climax to preserve Elaine’s life. He did, however, forfeit his immortality since, after spending more than 700 years in Purgatory, he had developed great strength and no longer needed it.

While it’s possible that Ban used up all of his remaining immortality abilities to keep Elaine alive, he didn’t require them in the final episodes of The Seven Deadly Sins because he was already powerful enough to deal with some of the series’ most formidable adversaries. Let’s examine whether Ban died and what happened to him after that.

In Seven Deadly Sins, does Ban die?

The one thing we were always sure of was that Ban was one of the primary protagonists throughout the entire plot of The Seven Deadly Sins. Of course, the fact that he serves as The Seven Deadly Sins’ resident lousy boy also helped him become a fan favourite. And his immortality was the only characteristic that set him apart.

That implied that Ban would remain immortal regardless of his circumstances. Being immortal empowered him to resurrect instantaneously after being murdered. Since he knew that no matter what happened, he would always survive, he had a carefree attitude in a fight. And because of this quality, he became one of The Seven Deadly Sins’ most vital assets.

Ban was the final person to take the Fountain of Youth’s abilities before it was shattered, and he did so decades ago, giving him immortality. The Fountain of Youth’s guardian, Elaine, who was also Ban’s girlfriend, perished when a monster attacked and shattered it.

However, years after gaining his abilities, Ban joined The Seven Deadly Sins, met Elaine again after the Ten Commandments restored her, and even turned against them before Ban returned her to her original state.

However, due to Meliodas’s soul being imprisoned there after the events of the story’s final act, Ban was forced to travel to Purgatory. Ban is the only character in The Seven Deadly Sins who can survive the atmosphere in Purgatory, where a minute in the real world is equivalent to a year, and meet his best buddy. The answer is that he was immortal, of course.

Ban did, in fact, experience difficulties while he was in Purgatory because it was one of the most challenging locations ever to exist. While they were both confined there, he also managed to locate Meliodas and go on decades-long adventures with him. Does this imply that Ban passed away in The Seven Deadly Sins?

Ban could never pass away because he was immortal. Ban’s immortality prevents him from ever experiencing death, unlike Meliodas, who is restricted to the fact that he cannot pass away from old age and is never cursed to die after death. As a result, he survived the Purgatory events and could leave it after he and Meliodas battled the Demon King there.

Where Did Ban Go In Seven Deadly Sins?

Ban didn’t pass away when he was in Purgatory, but after returning to the real world, he lost his immortality. Elaine had exhausted all of her abilities during one of the battles taking place in the actual world, which is why. That’s when Ban made a choice that, while appearing difficult to others, was simple to him.

He expended every last bit of his immortality to keep Elaine alive by using his Gift talent, which enables him to transfer his life force to another person and is essentially the opposite of Snatch. He didn’t want to continue life without Elaine, which is why he did that.

As a result, Ban would be more than willing to forfeit his everlasting existence to save Elaine. During the concluding chapters of The Seven Deadly Sins, he gives up his immortality because he doesn’t want to live eternally apart from Elaine.

Ban did give up his immortality, but his fighting skills were such that he no longer required them. This is because he spent 720 years in Purgatory, where he could adapt his body to harsh surroundings. Ban had already developed his body throughout the decades he spent in Purgatory to the point where he could now defeat formidable demons, making him significantly more robust than he had been. And remember, Ban was relatively weak compared to the Ten Commandments and other monsters before he went to Purgatory.

Ban was so powerful that he could withstand blows from the Demon Lord and the Supreme Deity. In that sense, he no longer required immortality because he had already attained a level of strength that enabled him to compete with some of the strongest characters in the whole manga and anime.

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