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Chainsaw Man Episode 8 Release date, Recap and Ending Explained

Chainsaw Man (1)

Chainsaw man is the story of an average high school guy living in poverty due to the debt of his deceased father. Denji works hard to pay back this debt but eventually gets killed by the hands of the debt collectors. Denji makes a contract with a devil called Pochita, according to which he can change any part of his body into a chainsaw. This new superpower helped him revive and take his revenge against those yakuza. Denji then begins to work for a government agency as a Devil Hunter.

Chainsaw Man episode 8 release date:

Chainsaw Man episode 8 release date
Chainsaw Man episode 8 comes out on Tuesday, November 29, 2022. The series premiers in the US at 9 am Pacific on Tuesday, November 29. The streaming platforms for the series are Crunchyroll and Hulu. Other time zones for the series can be translated as 10 am Mountain, 11 am Central and midnight being the time zone of the eastern hemisphere. For Japanese otakus, the new episode will be aired on Tokyo TV.

Chainsaw Man episode 7 recap:

Chainsaw Man episode 7 recap
In the last episode, we saw Denji fighting off the Eternity Devil; with each blow, his body regenerates. The Eternity Devil damages Denji, and Himeno escalates, seeing Denji’s limit to madness. This gives us a memory of Kishibe, where he mentions that sane-minded Devil Hunters won’t survive for long. Kishibe asks Himeno about Aki, to which he gets to know that Aki only wants to kill the Gun Devil. Later she met Aki and asked to join her pirate sector, but Aki refused.

Chainsaw Man episode 7 ending:

Chainsaw Man episode 7 ending

All this aside, Denji is still fighting the Devil, and Himeno informs Aki that they have been fighting for three days straight. The Eternity Devil is finally defeated as he cannot bear the pain caused by Denji and offers his heart to Denji. Denji then slashes his heart and comes out of the hotel.
The Devil Hunter visits a restaurant to celebrate this victory and new recruitment. Himeno is reminded of the promise she made for kissing the one who kills the Devil, and she kisses Denji. Denji’s first kiss is ruined as she throws up in his mouth. Denji, shocked by this, passes out and finds himself in Himeno’s home after waking up. The episode end leaves us hanging with an intimate conversation between the two.

Chainsaw Man episode 8 predictions:

Chainsaw Man episode 8 predictions
The title and the plot details of episode 8 have yet to be released in the public domain. The plot, thus, can only be distributed under the umbrella of predictions. The new episode will probably start where it left off, and we can expect it to begin from Himeno’s bedroom. As Denji has passed out, we will see him wake up in Himeno’s bedroom. The character will talk about their relationship and soon form a new bond. Himeno asks for intimacy, and we might see a romantic couple starting. We are still determining whether this is going to be Denji’s prominent relationship or not, only time can tell.

Chainsaw Man episode 8 promo:

Chainsaw Man episode 8 promo
A very short promo of 16 seconds has been released on YouTube, giving a preview of what to expect in episode 8. The promo majorly features Himeno seductively conversing in bed. The scene quickly shifts to Himeno and Denji having their morning breakfast on her balcony. All the rest of the characters are shown in fighting scenes.
As for Denji, he has been hitting a lot of milestones at a much faster pace. He might soon get much more than he ever dreamed about. We wish to see him have a happy ending which will soon come as the series only has 12 episodes. So we are down to 4 more episodes to see this happy ending.