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Where is Yusra’s Cousin Nizar Mardini Now Today?

Nizar Mardini

The Mardini girls are the subject of Netflix’s “The Swimmers,” which tells how their father taught them to swim. They desire to take part in the Olympics. However, all of their well-laid schemes come to nothing when war breaks out in Syria. After much consideration, the girls and their guardians decide that it would be best to leave their country and seek asylum in Europe. They have set their sights on Germany, but there are numerous obstacles in their way, and they require a travelling companion they can rely on. Nizar, their cousin, steps in at this point. Even though he travels the same route as his cousins, his experience is very different. Here is some information regarding the real-life Nizar in case you were wondering what happened to him.

Nizar Mardini

What Occurred To Nizar?

Even though “The Swimmers” is based on a true story, some elements have been changed to suit the plot better. The persona of Nizar is one of these things. He is the only character in the movie with whom the sisters have a close relationship, and he helps them go to Germany. In reality, two cousins who travelled with Yusra and Sara Mardini the entire time were their companions. They were combined with Nizar for narrative purposes.

Yusra’s success story propelled her to stardom, and the media closely examined every facet of her life. The people connected to her journey have been kept out of the public eye, despite being open to it and utilising her position to advocate for refugees. Because of this, little is known about the two siblings who Yusra and Sara travelled on their arduous journey with. It is probable that the cousins also decided to settle in Germany since the four of them were travelling there together. Another possibility is that they left Berlin and relocated to Hanover, which was meant to be their final destination in the movie.

While Nizar may not be an exact reflection of the Mardini sisters’ cousins, the movie offers his role greater weight by broadening the breadth of his narrative. The Mardini sisters’ narrative was intended to be used by the filmmakers to highlight the plight of other refugees. Because of this, Nizar joins Yusra and Sara in finding their paths while simultaneously becoming lost and incredibly homesick. “Lots of people don’t have a happy ending. We wanted to tell this story so that everyone could think about them. The goal of this movie is way bigger than my story – we want it to impact the world,” Yusra told the media.

In the film, Nizar loses hope after learning that he will be stuck in a hangar in Germany while his papers are processed. His desire to become a DJ no longer seems so attainable. He adds that since his cousins work toward specific objectives and have a clear purpose, it’s simpler for them. On the other hand, he and numerous other refugees have nothing to deal with. Yusra and Sara Mardini’s inspiring story in “The Swimmer” serves as a reminder that not everyone gets what they desire and that most individuals must adapt to their goals to succeed.

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