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Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings will Comeback Strong After the Tough Loss to Cowboys!

Justin Jefferson
Image Source: FOX 9

Justin Jefferson is the famous American Football Player. He was born on June 16, 1999. Jefferson plays as a football wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings of the National football league (NFL). He was selected in the first round of the 2020 NLF Drafts. He played college football at Louisiana State University. Jefferson’s amazing gameplay helped him set an NLF rookie record for receiving yards with 1400. He is an amazing pro blower and second-team all-pro for his two seasons. 

Justin Jefferson

Image Source: jjettas2 Instagram

Jefferson is very compassionate towards his game. He has helped the Vikings to win many games. As written in Wikipedia, Jefferson’s game against the Buffalo Bills in Week 10, he caught 10 passes for a career-high 193 yards and a touchdown. He made a one-handed catch for 32 yards, wrestling the ball away from Bills cornerback Cam Lewis on the way to the ground. The catch was widely recognized as one of the greatest of all time, and his arm sleeves and gloves from the game were put on display in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Vikings went on to win 33–30 in overtime. His game has always been the best. 

What happened in the game with the Cowboys? How did the Vikings lose the game? We will now discuss the whole story. Read further to get all the information regarding this game. 

How did the Vikings lose the game to the Cowboys?

Justin Jefferson

Image Source: jjettas2 Instagram

Minnesota Vikings lose the game to the Cowboys at 40-3. This was an embarrassing loss for the Vikings. The Vikings played immensely well at the start of the season. It is said that their win was merely a Cupcake Schedule (when a strong team plays against a weaker team just for the sake of winning). This was an insult to the Vikings. The Sunday was not a good day for the Vikings as Kirk Cousin was sacked a career-high seven times, and the defense didn’t force a punt until the Cowboys’ eighth drive of the contest. 

Justice Jefferson was held at 33 yards after his 3 catches which was a far distance. He was highly disappointed with such a bad defeat. 

Read to know what Justin Jefferson has to say on the loss:

Justin Jefferson

Image Source: jjettas2 Instagram

Jefferson exclaimed the defeat was a disaster all around. He never expected that they would lose at such a low score. “People lose games. We’re not expected to go undefeated for the rest of the season. Things happen. It’s the NFL. There are good teams that we’re playing, he said. He understands that there are good teams and that winning and losing at NFL is a part of the game.

What broke him was losing by 37 points for which he said, “But it’s just the fact that we lost by 37 points at home. It’s just embarrassing being in that type of situation and we just didn’t play well in all phases. That’s what killed us and made us act the way we’re acting now.” He then added, “We’ve just got to get that taste out of our mouth. We didn’t play well at all. We just want to get to Thursday [and] have a chance to get that taste out of our mouth and play better.”

Vikings Will give a Strong Comeback in Coming Games:

Jefferson believed that their coach Kevin O’Connell should have made some adjustments immediately and they could have chased the game. “I mean, of course, I wish we had adjusted faster throughout the game. Getting the ball out quicker, not letting Micah Parsons and the rest of that D-line get a chance to get back there to Kirk (Cousins). So it’s just things we need to learn from. This is a new team. This is a new coaching staff. We have new players on this team. We’re all still learning from each other. We’re still all learning how to play with each other. It’s just a lesson learned,” Jefferson exclaimed.

Viking believes that this loss encouraged them to do well. They will kill the coming games and are ready to amend their mistakes!

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