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What Happened To Dallas Cowboys Game? Find Out More Facts Here

What Happened To Dallas Cowboys Game

CBS canceled COWBOYS-VIKINGS because it was too dismal to telecast. The Dallas Cowboys thoroughly humbled the formerly 8-1 Minnesota Vikings. On Sunday, CBS elected not to telecast America’s Team. You read that accurately. The Dallas Cowboys, long-time TV rating leaders, were purposefully not carried by a legitimate TV network. It’s a beautiful time to be alive. The Vikings are humiliated by the cowboys. The game was canceled by CBS. You might have missed the Cowboys’ thumping of the Vikings in Minnesota if you were out looking for any of the few leftover turkeys within a 50-mile radius during the late afternoon Sunday NFL games.

Cowboys-Vikings Connection:

The Cowboys-Vikings rivalry is between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings. Though it has mellowed over the years, it was previously regarded as one of the most heated NFL rivalries in the 1970s. The NFC playoff race still has ramifications for the clubs’ meetings. The Cowboys have won four of their previous five games after coming from behind, and their last six games have all been decided by a single point. Dallas leads the tournament by a score of 18-15. This postseason series between the Cowboys and Vikings have been played seven times, making it one of the most difficult in NFL history. It is the most-played Vikings playoff frontier and the Cowboys’ third most-played opponent after the Rams and Packers.

The Dallas Cowboys triumph over the Minnesota Vikings:

The towering Minnesota Vikings, who had a 7-game unbeaten streak under their belt, were shocked 40-3 at home by the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. The Vikings started the week leading the pack but ended up suffering their second-heaviest home loss in team history. Tony Pollard, a Dallas running back, had two touchdown receptions and 189 rushing yards from scrimmage. In contrast, Ezekiel Elliott, who had missed the previous two games due to a knee injury, scored twice on 15 attempts to help the Dallas offence. On the other hand, the Cowboys’ defence won the game for them. This was the longest practical streak in the NFL at the time. “We somewhat discovered our method: simply running the ball and pounding the defence, excelling on all phases of the game,” Pollard said after the win.

Dallas Cowboys Cheer The Game:

Dallas kicker Brett Maher squeaked in a 60-yard grassy field just before halfway, but officials then examined wide receiver CeeDee Lamb’s reception, which happened just before the kicker’s attempt. After the touchdown, Maher was forced to retry and returned to his spot for another strenuous 60-yard effort, which he completed. There had been a lot of emotion, Maher added. “I honestly don’t recall hearing any shouting, nothing, or anything similar before, during, or after the strike.” Once I made the first one, the feelings were already out there. I’m pleased with how I handled it because I could back off and (regroup) get back to where I needed to be.

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