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Mickey Kuhn, ‘Gone with the Wind’ Actor, Died at the Age of 90.

Mickey Kuhn Died

Mickey Kuhn: Everything You Need to Know

For those who don’t know, Mickey Kuhn was an American actor whose real name was Theodore Matthew Michael Kuhn Jr. Mickey Hicks Sr. and Pearl Hicks gave birth to him on September 21, 1932, in Waukegan, Illinois. He had a net worth of $2 million. In the 1930s, Mickey became well-known for child entertainment. In 1951, he reconciled with his Gone With the Wind co-star Vivien Leigh. 

Mickey Kuhn’s Professional Career

In 1995, he left American Airlines to pursue a career in acting. After leaving the airlines, he appeared in two films and a few television shows before retiring from acting.

The Beginnings of Hollywood

Time travel to the early 1930s. He was born in 1932 in Waukegan, Illinois. Theodore Matthew Michael Kuhn Jr. is his full name. His father was a butcher, while his mother was a housewife. They relocated to Hollywood in search of a better life. His mother, who walked with a limp because a broken hip didn’t heal completely, enjoyed going to Sears Roebuck to look at all the lovely items. In the supermarket, a stranger with a baby in her arms approached his mother and Kuhn. The woman looked at him, then 18 months old, and informed his mother that he might pass for the woman’s baby. Due to the Great Depression, the family relocated to Los Angeles in 1934. His parents put him in the Mar-Ken School for Performing Children, where he met the Hickman brothers, Dwayne and Darryl. Kuhn believed Juarez (1939) to be his “big break,” having been picked from a cast of more than 50 youngsters. Following that, he was cast as Beau Wilkes in Gone with the Wind, saying that the receptionist at the casting call informed him, “Mickey, we’ve been waiting for you,” and immediately announced that the role had been filled. Kuhn first featured in Red River as the adopted son of John Wayne’s character and later in Broken Arrow, starring James Stewart. He became the last credited cast member in both films after Dame Olivia de Havilland died on July 26, 2020.

Mickey Kuhn’s After-Actor Career:

Kuhn sought to return to acting after completing his Navy duty but was only given television jobs, which he considered uninteresting. He quit the film industry in 1956 to attend college and afterwards worked in administrative roles for American Airlines from 1965 to 1995 and the Boston airport until his retirement. Kuhn has five marriages. His first marriage, to Jean Marie Hannick, lasted from 1956 to 1962 and produced two children, including Theodore Matthew Michael III. He later married Shannon Farnon, Rosa Negrete, and Yolanda Borbon, all of whom divorced him.

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