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Check Out Curtain Call Episode 8 Release Date and Review

Check Out The Release Date For Curtain Call Episode 8

There has been a lot of buzz among fans of this slice-of-life drama since the release date for Curtain Call episode 8 was revealed. Here is the release date and information on how to watch “Curtain Call” episode 8 online, but before that, here is a summary of the most recent episodes.

Se-Yeon, who is frantically searching for her grandma, runs into Geum-soon outside. Geum-soon, who seems to be in good condition, cracks jokes with Se-Yeon while discreetly telling her not to worry. The following day, Se-Joon, who is constantly beaming, greets Jae-heon and Yoon-hee as they enter the family’s home.

Check Out The Release Date For Curtain Call Episode 8

They were taken aback that he was courteous and spoke to them more in that short conversation than he had in the preceding four. Even though Se-Joon acts careless, he is nonetheless suspicious of them. He continually puts them to the test, as we’ll see in the future. Jae-heon cooks dinner for Geum-soon while showcasing to the family his culinary skills and, more importantly, his desire to help out around the house.

Yoon Jung, the caretaker, is taken aback by his readiness to cook because none of the other grandchildren has made a comparable offer. Se-Joon suddenly approaches Jae-heon and starts preparing while speaking Chinese. Yoon’s Chinese response surprises Se-Joon, and Jae-heon glances at him like a deer in the headlights.

All About The Latest Episodes

The two of them are ready for anything since he is here. After the chat, everyone congregates for dinner. Jae-cooperation heon’s has been suggested by Geum-soon. He makes it clear that being with her is his primary goal. Except for Se-Yeon, who had initially offered it to Geum-soon, everyone was shocked.

He must work at the hotel, she urges. Jae-heon agrees grudgingly. In contrast to Se-icy Joon, Hyun Ji-won seems to understand Jae-heon and Yoon-hee as a more prominent family, which only irks Se-icy Joon. Ji-won wants to get to know Yoon-hee better, so he invites her to go shopping for “vintage” clothing for a party.

After their shopping expedition, they go to the party so Yoon-hee can meet Ji-“friends.” won’s Yoon-hee quickly recognises their treatment of Ji-won and doesn’t think twice to step in and stand up for her new friend. As Ji-won is being hauled away from the party, Yoon-hee pushes her to speak up more for herself so that Ji-won can understand her steadfast support.

Jae-first Currently, Heon’s working day is in progress. After dressing up, he meets Se-Yeon outside, and she compliments him and ties his tie. Se-Yeon and Jae-heon are clearly in love. Please take note of the admiration in his eyes, for instance. He is awestruck!

When Jae-heon finds out that Se-Yeon has included him in the planning team while at the hotel, he is shocked, this is problematic because he wants to avoid being discovered and is looking for a job that will limit his contact with famous people. Song Jong-Hak replaces Executive Director Kim in Se-Yeon’s office concerning celebrities.

When he first encounters Jae-heon, he gets the impression that there might be favouritism because of Jae-prompt he’s hiring onto the planning team. Executive Director Kim, Jae-heon chooses to work as a porter to avoid assuming this critical role. Se-Yeon, who had relied on him to support preserving the hotel, was disappointed by his decision.

After a challenging first day, Se-Yeon invites Jae-heon to join her colleagues for dinner. Everyone is drinking and having a lovely time until Se-buddy Yeon tries to have a live shot with Jae-heon with the assistance of Hong Ra.

Even more awkwardness results as Se-Yeon separate the two and covers up her previous actions by giving Ra-kyeong a mouthful of food, prompting Jae-heon to pretend he has no idea what a love shot is. Se-Yeon helps an inebriated person back to the car. Jae-heon almost confesses his feelings for her.

Release Date Of EP 8

The 8th episode of Curtain Call will air on Monday, November 28, 2022. At 9.50 pm KST, Curtain Call episode 8 will show on KBS2. Curtain Call episode 8 will be available for streaming at 7:50 am EST, 6:20 pm IST, 8:50 pm Singapore time, 4:40 am PT, and 11:50 pm AEDT for viewers outside of Korea.

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