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Who is Talita Von Furstenberg Boyfriend? Know About Her Love Interest

Talita Von Furstenberg's Boyfriend

Are you curious about Talita Von Furstenberg’s boyfriend? Yes, we’re referring to the socialite who recently made news for holding the First Wellness Day. How is her personal life going? Is she in a romantic relationship? Before we go there, let’s learn about Talita Von Furstenberg’s fame. To begin with, Talita Von Furstenberg is not only a socialite but also a professional fashion designer and model. TvF for DvF, her first fashion label was launched in 2019. Talita, born on May 7, 1999, is only 23 years old. Many people are unaware that she is the princess, the daughter of Prince Alexander von Fürstenberg and Alexandra Miller.

Who is Talita Von Furstenberg?

Talita Von Furstenberg was a model who appeared in magazines such as Teen Vogue and Vanity Fair. She walked the runway during Milan Fashion Week in 2017. You may be surprised to learn that Talita formerly worked for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, albeit as an intern rather than a full-time staffer. If you didn’t know, her fashion line primarily targets young people. Talita is currently focused on increasing variety and diversity. Returning to Talita Von Furstenberg’s personal life, stealing a princess’ heart is not for everyone.

Who is Talita Von Furstenberg Boyfriend?

Regarding her personal life, Talita Von Furstenberg’s boyfriend is Rocco Brignone. If you’re wondering what Rocco does for a living, he’s the CEO and co-founder of Natator. It is a holding business that provides both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Although Ricco is not a prince, he comes from an affluent and high-society family. Rocco, Talita Von Furstenberg’s boyfriend, hails from a wealthy banking family. They also own Costa Careyes, a private estate resort. Costalegre, Mexico, is the location. What brought them together? Talita and Rocco are said to be family friends. As a result, they are supported and blessed by both families as a couple. In addition, both of their parents are said to have gone to Brown University.

How Did the Relationship Start?

How Did the Relationship Start


They went to the Bahamas in 2018, and Talita and Rocco became closer. When asked about her boyfriend, the socialite stated that she enjoys quiet date nights with him. Why? That’s because Rocco prepares the steak and vegetables and the berry cobbler. That’s exactly what she said. Talita Von Furstenberg is well-known for her love of fashion. Last year, she attended the Met Gala with her boyfriend, Ricco, and her grandma, Diane. Her appearance was more akin to a “Golden Goddess.” Do you know who made her gown? Her grandmother had called.

Romantic Relationship of Talita Von Furstenberg and Rocco Brignone:

Regarding their relationship, it is unknown when Talita Von Furstenberg and Ricco Brignone began dating. However, it is reported that it will start at least in 2019. Neither of them has ever publicly declared their love relationship. We just put up with their funny photos and sweet captions on social media. There’s no doubt that Talita and Ricco are madly in love. Ricco and Talita have visited several countries together, including Italy and Greece. Both enjoy travelling to new areas throughout the world. Ricco’s presence on the red carpet demonstrated his undying devotion to his partner. If you’re wondering about their relationship status, Talita and Ricco are both young and unmarried.

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