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Who is Suzi Ruffell Wife Alice? Know about Suzi Ruffell Married Life

Who is Suzi Ruffell Wife Alice
Source: Evening Standard

British comedian, author, and actress Suzi Ruffell was born on January 18, 1986. Ruffell was born into a working-class household in Portsmouth. Her mother, who raised Suzi and her elder brother, is now her father’s helper. Her father buys and sells vehicles. Ruffell joined a young theatre club, which significantly influenced her choice of work. She regarded Jennifer Saunders, Catherine Tate, Dawn French, and Victoria Wood as her role models. She attended the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in London for theatre school after graduating from Chichester College, where she made her stand-up comedy debut. Ruffell was the first member of her family to enrol in college.

Suzi Ruffell Early Life

In November 2008, Ruffell started her stand-up comedy career. Since 2012, she has been doing stand-up full-time. Ruffell backed national tours for Alan Carr, Kevin Bridges, Josh Widdicombe, Joe Lycett, Romesh Ranganathan, and Katherine Ryan before she started performing alone. Social Chameleon (turned in 2014–2015), Common (turned in 2016–2017), Keeping It Classy (her first headlining tour), Nocturnal (turned in 2019), and Dance Like Everyone’s Watching are a few of Ruffell’s stand-up comedy tours (2019–2020). Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Ruffell took a year and a half off from touring before starting it up again in the fall of 2021. On July 11, 2018, Keeping it Classy was shown live on the BBC.

Suzi Ruffell interview: 'I'm confessional — when I was heartbroken, I gigged and spoke about it' | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

Source: Evening Standard

In 2017, Ruffell and her pal Tom Allen went on a double-bill tour called Hit the Road! and played all over the UK. 2018 saw Ruffell play on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow’s tour of Australia. She also starred in the Mark Pinkosh-directed short film Foreign in 2018.

Suzi Ruffell Wife Alice

For a financial institution in London, Alice is in charge of investor relations. Although they have been dating publicly since at least September 2018, the precise start date is unknown. Although Suzi revealed in an Independent piece that Alice proposed to her in 2019, the couple typically keeps their relationship covert. Due to the epidemic in 2020, Alice and Suzi were forced to postpone their nuptials. This year (2021), with their two closest friends present, they were finally able to get married.

Suzi Ruffell has been declared legally wed. Since 2021, she has been wed to her spouse Alice Storey. The epidemic in 2020 forced them to postpone their wedding after Alice proposed in 2019. Suzi Ruffell maintains her privacy, however she disclosed that they had been dating since September 2018 and got married in 2021. When Suzi came out, she said she had known she was homosexual since she was 14 years old, but hadn’t told anybody until she was 21. For more than seven years, Alice has served as the investor relations director for a financial institution in London.