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Tap to Know the Cause of Verenice Ontiveros Death! When and How She Died?

Verenice Ontiveros Dead

Let us first know Who was Verenice Ontiveros?

Verenice Ontiveros was a digital creator and owner of Dreamy Beauté by V LLC. A post was shared on Facebook in which Amanda Moreno, a beauty industry professional, described Verenice Ontiveros. She described Verenice as a bright little soul who admired many young women. Verenice was an inspiration for women to stand up and live their dreams. Amanda described Verenice as a grinder who was ever ready to help others. She wanted to return all the favor by assisting Verenice in her time of need. She emotionally thanked Verenice for building a happy world around her, spreading smiles to the people around her, and being an understanding and supportive friend. Verenice was the shining beauty in the beauty community, and everyone loved her. She had a very kind heart and was always ready to give her soul for people’s needs. 

What was the Possible Cause of Verenice Ontiveros’s Death?

Verenice Ontiveros died in a motor crash accident. The death occurred on 20 November 2022 in Dallas, Texas. It was very unexpected news for every known of Verenice. She couldn’t heal the injuries of the accident and lost her strength, and died in pain. There is no information about the exact cause of the accident, but the motor crash must have given her severe injuries that would have been difficult for her to bear. All her family and friends will miss Verenice. She was a pure soul and an inspiration to many women and must be in a safe place in heaven. May her family and loved ones get all the strength. 

How was Verenice Ontiveros? A Facebook Post shared Verenice’s traits:

Amanda Moreno, an excellent friend of Verenice, shared an emotional post on Facebook and wrote good things about Verenice.

 The post state, “I really don’t come around or post on social media anymore, but this one hit close to home. Verenice Ontiveros, not only did you bless my life, but you blessed my best friend’s life so much & brought her pure happiness & comfort. The childhood we shared back in middle school contains memories I think about today. The relationship we shared was one of those bonds where you only come around once a year & check up on each other & mind your business. You were such a bright little soul & a GRINDER!! An Admirable & inspiring role model to all the young females in the beauty industry, you will be dearly missed. I have other photos I could post, but this one served as the beginning of our friendship & will never be forgotten.” 

The post clearly states how much Verenice will be missed. She will stay in everyone’s heart and would never be forgotten. A pure soul is always admired, alive or dead. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Verenice:

1. Who was Verenice Ontiveros?

Verenice Ontiveros was a digital creator and owner of Dreamy Beauté by V LLC. 

2. When did Verenice Ontiveros die?

Verenice died on 20 November 2022. 

3. What was the possible cause of Verenice’s death?

Verenice died in a motor crash accident. 

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