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The Billionaire Dodi Fayed’s Dating History and An Adorable Relationship With Princess Diana

dodi fayed dating history

The post-divorce romances of Princess Diana and Prince Charles are heavily featured in The Crown’s fifth season. While we essentially see Diana’s relationship with Hasnat Khan, we also get a peek at her future boyfriend, Dodi Fayed. Diana and Dodi didn’t start dating until the summer of 1997, shortly after her romance with Hasnat ended, although his father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, was the subject of an entire episode of The Crown. And, thanks to Mohamed’s arc on the program, viewers got a fleeting glimpse of Dodi and Diana meet, establishing him as a significant character in The Crown’s sixth and final season. Here’s everything we know about Dodi’s interesting and all-too-brief existence.

Who is Dodi Fayed?

Or, at the very least, he comes from a billionaire family. Dodi (born Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Mena them Fayed) was the eldest son of Saudi journalist Samira Khashoggi and Egyptian tycoon Mohamed Al-Fayed, who controlled Harrods, as seen in The Crown. Dodi produced Chariots of Fire, as shown in The Crown, and worked on Breaking Glass and The Scarlet Letter. Aside from his Hollywood undertakings, Dodi reportedly worked with his father in several family enterprises and received a monthly stipend of £400,000.

Dodi Fayed Marriage History:

Dodi married Suzanne Gregard in 1986, but they divorced after less than a year. Then, in 1997, he remarried a model named Kelly Fisher, but their relationship ended when Dodi Fayed began dating Diana. Dodi and Diana became public in 1997 when they were kissing on the yacht (according to Sara Bradford’s biography, Diana was published on August 1997). “You only have to look at the body language of physical and spiritual fulfillment in one other,” the Sunday Mirror opined at the time.

Dodi Fayed Dating History:

When Dodi and Diana were originally reported dating, his ex-wife Suzanne had only great things to say about him: “He was so romantic and caring, “She told People about it. “And he wasn’t taken too seriously. During one of his candlelit dinners, the table we were sitting at crumbled, and the entire turkey fell to the floor. We couldn’t stop laughing. That was what drew me to him. Kelly Fisher was furious when Dodi abandoned her for Diana, and she went so far as to sue him. Kelly even convened a news conference in Beverly Hills on August 15, 1997, and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, issued a lengthy statement stating, among other things, that Dodi had committed suicide, “brought her emotionally to the altar her just as they were about to arrive. He threw her love away cruelly, with little consideration for her.”

Dodi Fayed and Diana Died In a Car Accident:

Dodi was traveling with Diana when they were murdered in a vehicle accident. The catastrophe happened on August 31, 1997, while the couple was on holiday in Paris after visiting the French and Italian Rivieras. According to the BBC, Mohamed Al-press Fayed’s spokesman Michael Cole stated that Dodi and Diana were engaged before their deaths. In case you missed it, scenes from Diana and Dodi’s deaths will be incorporated in The Crown’s sixth season, causing “anxiety” to the crew. According to a Deadline insider, “While we’re moving forward quietly, it’s fair to admit that there is some anxiousness, a distinct sense of being somewhat on edge. I mean, there’s a bombshell sensitivity to this one.”

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