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How Did Jean Lapointe Die? The Canadian Actor Died At 86

Jean Lapointe Die

Jean Lapointe, a well-known Quebec singer, actor, and comedian who subsequently was elected to the Senate died at the age of 86. Let’s learn more about Jean Lapointe and his demise.

Who is Jean Lapointe?

Jean Lapointe was born in a community in the Lower St-Lawrence region on December 6, 1935. Generations of Quebecers knew him as an entertainer whose abilities included singing and stand-up comedy. He was an activist who used his Foundation to fight drug abuse. In 2005, Lapointe earned the Lifetime Achievement Award in Montreal. In 1974, he launched his solo career, appearing in two feature films, records, and stage performances. Most people remember Lapointe for his portrayal in the television series of the same name.

How Did Jean Lapointe Die?

The Establishment Jean Lapointe reported he died surrounded by family members with “health difficulties.” Lapointe struggled with alcoholism but was able to break free, and in 1982 he founded La Maison Jean Lapointe, a halfway house for persons coping with alcoholism and drug addiction. The foundation celebrated its 40th anniversary last month. The Centre’s operations were soon supported by the Jean Lapointe Foundation. Jean Lapointe leaves behind his wife, Mercedes, seven children, two grandchildren, and his sisters, Huguette and Suzanne. He also leaves his wife behind.

Heartful Memories Paid To Jean Lapointe:

Following Lapointe’s death, many people from various walks of life paid sincere tributes to him. Several admirers also shared their condolences on Twitter. “Our father often remarked that Maison Jean Lapointe was his greatest pride,” said Anne Elizabeth Lapointe, general manager of the treatment center, in a statement. “His departure saddens us, but we know he will remain the soul of our establishment.” “Losing our father is a horrible ordeal for us, but knowing that his artistic and humanist will live in the hearts of Quebecers is reassuring,” his son Jean-Marie Lapointe said in a statement.

Successful Journey Of Jean Lapointe:

In 1955, he and Jérôme Lemay founded the Jérolas. The well-known duo’s blend of music, humor and impersonations won performances on “The Ed Sullivan Show” and at the renowned Olympia in Paris in 1963. Lapointe and Lemay left the Jérolas in 1974 to pursue solo careers. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Lapointe had solo success in both comedy and music, with hits such as “Si on chantait ensemble,” “Chante-la ta chanson,” and “Tu jongles Avec ma vie.” He won the 1981 Félix, a Quebec music award, for the concert of the year. He was also a talented actor who had a film career alongside his other accomplishments, beginning with “Yul 871” with Lemay in 1966.

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