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Donald Pierce Jr. Murder

911 operators in Kansas City received a harrowing call from a terrified woman who said someone had broken into her building before shooting incessantly. When the cops arrived, they could hear the woman’s screams. However, they discovered Donald Victor Pierce Jr.’s body inside the elevator and determined that he had been murdered. The film ‘The 1980s: The Deadliest Decade: The Real Fatal Attraction’ explores the brutal murder and the subsequent police investigation, which brought the murderers to justice. Let’s look into the details of the crime and learn more, can we?

Who is Donald Pierce Jr?

Donald Victor Pierce Jr., a native of Kansas City, Missouri, was well-known for his generosity and kindness. He previously served in the Army Reserves and married Kathy Evans. As an excellent student, Donald established his law firm and became well-known as a contractor in and around Kansas City. People who knew him said he was a true workaholic who gave equal attention to every case. Besides, Donald interacted with most people cheerfully, leaving people perplexed as to why somebody would wish to kill him.

An Unexpected Incident Happens:

On June 7, 1989, 911 operators got a call from a distressed woman who stated that persons with guns were inside her building. She noted that the shooters were constantly shooting at her and begged authorities to save her. The first responders on the scene reported hearing the woman’s screams from outside, causing them to enter the building with their firearms drawn. Because there was no information about the shooters, authorities proceeded cautiously through each floor until they approached a closed door on the third level. Linda Culbertson was crouching behind a bench inside the locked room, holding a shotgun.

How Did Donald Pierce Jr. Murder?

Further investigation led the cops to a blocked elevator, which they unlocked, revealing a terrible scene. Donald Victor Pierce Jr.’s body was discovered inside, and an initial examination revealed significant gunshot wounds. There were bruises on his body, and the police found that he had been shotgun pelleted. Besides, Donald’s face was nearly unrecognizable after being shot at point-blank range. An autopsy later revealed that Donald died from bullet wounds and that the killer used a shotgun for murder.

Police Officials Found the Clue:

The police found the investigation into Donald’s murder difficult because they didn’t have a clue or suspects to follow. They canvassed the area around the victim’s residence and even conducted a thorough investigation of the crime scene, but to no effect. Interestingly, the cops initially worried if Donald’s occupation as an attorney had contributed to his death, but subsequent investigation revealed that he was friends with most of his clients. Despite her insistence that she was having an affair when he sexually attacked her, Linda Culbertson quickly became interested in Donald Victor Pierce Jr.’s murder.

Who Was Involved in Donald Pierce Jr. Murder?

Although the police quickly rescued Linda Culbertson, they kept cleaning the premises and came upon Evason Jacobs, a 21-year-old security guard. Interestingly, while investigating Donald and Linda’s office, the cops discovered a neatly stored shotgun. The pellets from this shotgun were eerily similar to those used in the murder, notwithstanding Linda Culbertson’s claim that she had never seen the firearm. Realising it would be impossible to break her, the cops diverted their attention elsewhere and arrested Evason Jacobs. When questioned, Evason appeared terrified of the cops and quickly confessed to his role in Donald’s death.

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