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Where is Scot Young’s Ex-Wife Michelle Young Now?

Where is Scot Young's Ex-Wife Michelle Young Now?

The passing of Scot Young will be covered in the forthcoming Once Upon a Time in Londograd documentary series from Peacock. He was one of the many powerful persons who passed away mysteriously and shared just one thing in common: Russia. Son of former Dundee United player Duncan Young, Scot Young. After relocating to London, he started working in real estate, but soon switched to being a fixer for oligarchs and the country’s super-rich, amassing over £2 billion. So Where is Scot Young’s Ex-Wife Michelle Young Now?

All of this information came to light during a contentious divorce proceeding with his wife of 11 years, Michelle Young. Michelle said that her husband was hiding assets worth billions of dollars. The previous businessman, though, insisted he was broke. He passed away after jumping from the balcony of his four-story apartment amid rumours of drug usage, mental health issues, and Scot’s accusations about the Russian Mob. His demise was determined to be a suicide. Since then, Michelle Young has experienced a harsh fate. She was discovered to be insolvent and to be residing in a basement apartment during an interview in 2018. Additionally, she owed £17 million in debt and had not yet been compensated by Scot Young.

Only £20m - that's disgraceful': Tycoon Scot Young's wife reacts furiously to divorce ruling - and vows to fight for more | The Independent | The Independent

Source: The Independent

Where is Scot Young’s Ex-Wife Michelle Young Now?

The ex-wife of Scot Young is Michelle Young. After Scot came to London, the two connected via mutual acquaintances. They were married at the Chelsea Register Office and held their celebration at The Dorchester. Before their public divorce began, they were married for eleven years. Scarlet and Sasha, their shared offspring, are their other two kids. Michelle was reportedly granted £26 million after the protracted litigation in which she claimed her spouse was worth billions. She admitted that she hasn’t seen a single dime of that cash.

Scot Young began his real estate career with Michelle’s father’s assistance. Michelle said in an interview that she and Scot Young co-founded the company. She claimed that although her father assisted him with the contacts, she provided her ex-husband the money. Michelle went on to say “We then had two wonderful girls. We had everything, and we had laboriously built it together.”
Scot eventually made the transition to being a fixer, where he truly found success. He would purportedly be haunted by the Russian connections he made during this period.

'Penniless' man is worth $65 million, judge rules in British divorce case

Source: NBC News

Michelle recalled meeting Russian millionaire Boris Berezovsky and his family over dinners when they first started a business connection. She continued by saying that the Russian mogul always arrived in a separate automobile, surrounded by security. Because the Russian component was “quite intimidating,” she said she was anxious. The stress started in 2005, according to Scot’s ex-wife, and that’s when all the assets “magically disappeared.” She said that she knew her spouse wasn’t filing for bankruptcy.

Prior to the well-publicized case, Michelle claimed that her relationship with Scot Young had been tumultuous for a considerable amount of time. She also said that since the divorce was about fairness, she would never have accepted an early settlement. Michelle further added: “My foundation-met friends have been taken advantage of. I deserve equality because I contributed to wealth creation for 18 years.”

She has worked hard to reform the confidentiality laws. She pursues justice for all women going through divorce by doing this through the Michelle Young Foundation. According to the most recent sources, she presently resides with her two kids in a leased apartment. Her whereabouts are unknown, but she appears to be carrying on with her battle against non-disclosure in divorce.

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