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Who is Danny Malin Girlfriend? Is Danny Malin Married?

Danny Malin Girlfriend

Danny Malin is a well-known YouTuber from the UK. He is the host of the YouTube show Rate My Takeaway, where he visits and evaluates takeaway restaurants, mostly in the north of England, however some reviews also cover London, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and a number of places in Scotland and Ireland. Since its launch in June 2020, Rate My Takeaway has amassed over 570,000 members and over 101 million views as of October 2022. Malin released the charity track “Santa’s Takeaway” in December 2021 in an aim to make it the top-charting song for Christmas. Trussell Trust and MIND were the charities that benefited. Malin starts each show by saying, “So guys, how are you? Back on the road! He then announces the town and the restaurant he is going to visit, his “cameraman” filming the journey. Upon arrival, Malin pulls a folding table and chair out of the trunk of her car and heads to the store. After contacting the counter staff, he orders several dishes and then sets up his table and chair outside the store. When the food arrives, he will taste and comment on each dish. Finally, when evaluating takeaway food, he concludes it with a comment with his typically strong accent, such as “To be honest, that’s a solid nine to me.” Companies have reported an increase in cases following Malin’s reviews. As Malin’s popularity grows, reviews of him are often interrupted by fans looking for a chat or selfie.

Danny Malin Dating and Relationship

Danny Malin, a star of Rate My Takeaway, recently revealed that he is happily seeing someone new, almost two years after his partner tragically passed away. The 43-year-old food vlogger’s YouTube series, in which he visits and evaluates takeaways all around the UK, is what makes him most well-known. In February 2021, Danny’s girlfriend Carrie Taylor tragically collapsed in her arms after suffering a heart attack at their home in Leeds, and later died in the hospital. Speaking to LeedsLive last year about the loss of his partner of 13 years, he said: ‘It was the worst thing that could ever have happened. For four or five weeks I felt a bit lost and stupid.’ The couple shared two children together and Carrie’s son, 40, from a previous relationship, with Danny saying his death left a “gap that will never be filled”.
Friends, family, and fans have all shown their love and support for Danny in response to the devastating news, and they are now overjoyed that he has found a new love.

Rate My Takeaway's Danny Malin announces he has new girlfriend 22 months after fiancé's tragic death - Leeds Live

Source: LeedsLive

The Leeds-based YouTuber took to Twitter to announce the news, saying: “As many of you know Carrie passed away almost 22 months ago which rocked the world of me and the kids. I focused on doing what’s best.” . for my family and to be honest I thought I was spending my days as a single father. “But about 8 weeks ago I met someone who made me laugh, laugh and enjoy life again during this time.” He continued, “Meeting Sophie was work-related and we started hanging out for coffee, chatting and just enjoying each other’s company.

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