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Who is Charlie Puth Girlfriend Now? The Complete Dating History of the Singer Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth Girlfriend Now

Charlie Puth is no longer available for marriage! The “Light Switch” singer said he has a special someone in his life during an appearance on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show. When asked if he was alone or in a relationship, the 30-year-old singer-songwriter said, “I’m with somebody.” Stern then pressed him further, asking if he was in love. Puth responded that he “absolutely” is and that this relationship is “it” for him. “[She’s] someone I grew up with,” he explained to the presenter, adding that it’s “good” to have for a “long time” by his side, given the crazy of his work.

Who is Charlie Puth Girlfriend Now?

Charlie Puth recently revealed details about his partner. The four-time Grammy nominee claimed he’s been in an on-again, off-again long-term relationship with a woman from his Rumson, New Jersey hometown. The musician also revealed his feelings for the unidentified lady. When asked about his relationship, Charlie stated, “[She’s] someone I grew up with.” “As my life becomes more turbulent and I travel everywhere, it’s nice to have someone close to you that you’ve known for a very long time,” Puth continued, “and I would assume that when times get tough because what is life without valleys, she would be there for me as well.”

Charlie Puth Previous Relationships:

Charlie made his Instagram debut alongside actress Halston Sage in a since-deleted image in September 2018. Again, it’s unclear how long they were together or if their relationship. Halston is not thought to be the female mentioned in “That’s Hilarious,” and all proof of with Charlotte Lawrence has been taken from Charlie’s social media, according to E! verified via this tweet that the couple made their romance public on Valentine’s Day in 2019. The couple dated before Charlie announced on Twitter in September of that year that he was riding solo.

Charlie Puth With Selena Gomez Goes Bitter:

Charlie Puth secretly and briefly dated singer Selena Gomez in 2016. It’s unclear how long they dated, but she was the idea for his famous song. “I don’t kiss and tell, that can come across as authentic is if something else is going on behind the scenes,” he told Billboard of the single. “And that’s what was going on [with Selena],” he added. Very brief, very little, but extremely powerful. And it screwed with me. And she elicited such strong emotions in the song that it was a delight to collaborate with her. That’s why, even though it comes from a difficult period in my life, I’m always glad to sing it.”

Charlie Puth and Bella Thorne hooked out, and things got messy:

Charlie Puth and Bella Thorne hooked out, and things got messy


Charlie Puth and Bella Thorne never formally dated, although Charlie mistakenly accused her of cheating on her former, Tyler Posey. It was a significant misunderstanding that grew into an entire thing we need to discuss. Bella revealed what happened to Charlie on SiriusXM’s The Jenny McCarthy Show in 2017. “I had two dates with him. We went to see a movie. He was calm, “She went on. However, after being seen together at Jingle Ball, speculations began to circulate that they were dating. Although Bella was unmarried, she had recently split up with Tyler, and the speculation about her maybe dating Charlie was becoming too much.

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