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What Happened to David Conde Sr. and His Son? Cause of Death Interpretation

David conde sr. Die

On February 15, 2022, a two-year-old boy and his father were unresponsive in a New York apartment. Let’s take a closer look at how David Conde Sr. and his son died and their causes of death.

What Happened to David Conde Sr. and His Son?

David Conde Sr., 59, with his 2-year-old son David Conde Jr. were found in their Geneva, New York, home. The inquiry began soon after the occurrence, and the authorities struggled to determine the cause of death because there was no proof. Police discovered the reason for their deaths nine months later. According to the inquiry, “the infant was discovered to have starved to death while his father died of natural causes,” according to the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office.

About David Conde Sr, His son:

David, a gorgeous newborn boy with curly curls, a determined smile, and a pleasant demeanour, was born in Rochester on October 29, 2019. Given his medical condition at childbirth, he had just recently learnt to walk after multiple operations and months of casts and rehabilitation.

The Cause of Death of David Conde Sr. and His Son:

According to the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office investigation, Conde Sr. died of cardiovascular disease as his son starved. Sheriff’s Office Lt. Dave Cirincione reminded the public that the analysis had been complicated for everyone involved. “We felt this was a plausible cause after ruling out carbon monoxide (the cause of death). It is a heartbreaking scenario.” The father and kid perished in their Geneva, New York apartment. According to WHEC, they were discovered dead during a welfare check after concerned family members told deputies they hadn’t heard from Conde in over a week. Conde had no prior medical history. The medical examiner’s office believes David Conde Jr. died due to his inability to locate aid or nutrition following his father’s death. The inquiry is now complete. According to officials, cops were called to their Hamilton Street apartment to check their well-being. According to family members, the two have not been heard from in more than a week. When deputies arrived, both were found dead.

What Became David Conde Jr. and His Son?

“Two officers answered that they had no luck getting a response at the door,” said David Cirincione of the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office on February 15, 2022. They requested assistance from hotel or apartment staff, who arrived with a key, unlocked the door secured with a padlock, opened it as far as they could, and discovered the chain engaged inside. They called for someone to come, but no one did. The deputies forced their way into and through the apartment. They discovered the son and his father died in the rear bedroom, in the northwest part of the home; Lt. Conde Sr. and Conde Jr. were both sent to the Monroe County Medical Examiner’s Office for autopsies. According to the Sheriff’s Office, it is too soon to speculate on what caused their deaths. Conde Sr. had a medical history, but it’s unknown if he was involved in an incident that led him to die while his son was left alone. A sliding door with a deck and an engaged security bar are also available. We have no reason to suspect anyone else was in the apartment when these two died, “Cirincione states. The autopsies, according to Cirincione, would take at least a few weeks.

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