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The Most Nightmare Case of Amber Lee Cruickshank Missing in 1992

amber lee cruickshank missing

The mother of a toddler who went missing near Queenstown over 30 years ago pleads with people to come forward and provide answers to the family. Amber-Lee Rose Cruickshank was last seen on October 17, 1992, at a residence on Cornwall Street in Kingston. The two-year-old and her family were staying at the property and socializing when she went missing. She would have turned 31 on May 5 of this year. On Tuesday, police announced a $100,000 reward for information or evidence leading to the identification and conviction of those responsible for her disappearance.

Amber Lee Cruickshank Missing From 1992:

Amber-mother, Lee’s Nicky Cruickshank, says her daughter’s disappearance 29 years ago is still as fresh in her mind as it was then. She filed an appeal on Tuesday. “I’m begging you from the bottom of my heart, please give us the answers we’re looking for,” she pleads. Her hopes for information were strengthened on Tuesday when police announced a sizable reward. “The reward is $100,000 for any relevant information or evidence that leads to the identification and conviction of a suspect about the Amber-Lee Cruickshank disappearance,” Southern District Police Detective Inspector Stu Harvey said. Police initially feared she drowned on Lake Wakatipu, but a comprehensive search yielded nothing.

Police Investigate the Case:

“The investigation to date leads that there is foul play involved in Amber-abduction, Lee’s, and by that, I mean that there was someone engaged in her disappearance from Kingston that day,” Det Insp Harvey explains. Cruickshank claims that they had previously requested that police pay a reward for information. “I knew in my heart that there was no way she was in that lake unless she had been deliberately placed there.” The last time police presented an incentive of this kind, it resulted in a breakthrough in Angela Blackmoore’s 24-year-old cold case. Police would also consider granting immunity from prosecution to any accomplice who was not directly engaged in Amber disappearance Lee’s but can give meaningful information or evidence.

Rewards Were Announced for Any Information:

“$100,000 is a lot of money,” she continues, “and sometimes a lot of money may make people talk.” The prize will be valid for six months beginning April 13. “She deserves to return home. We are due to closure. What else is there to say? Have some compassion, “According to Cruickshank. “It must have been a huge burden to bear all these years. Because life has been a roller coaster experience for my family and me.” A $100,000 reward was offered for information or evidence leading to the identification and conviction of those guilty of Amber’s disappearance.

There is No Lead About Amber Lee Cruickshank’s Missing Case:

Police have conducted numerous investigations over the years, going “to tremendous efforts to explore different scenarios and investigation leads without result,” according to Detective Inspector Stu Harvey. Cruickshank expressed gratitude for the reward and hoped someone would come forward. “It would allow us to move on with our lives.” “We wouldn’t have to live in this nightmare,” she explained. “We can’t go on.” We simply cannot let it go. We must discover solutions. We must bring Amber-Lee home, regardless matter who is responsible. I merely want Amber-Lee to come home.” If there are multiple claimants, the Police Commissioner will assess the reward amount and, if required, divide the money.

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