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Former Treasury Official and Fund Manager Andre Roux Died At 68

Andre Roux

Andre Roux, 68, was a well-known financial specialist in both the public and commercial sectors. Roux had been working as a portfolio manager in Singapore’s Ninety One’s Fixed Income unit in recent years. He became ill while on a business trip to London and died on Monday morning, according to News24. His death has yet to be determined. Ninety-One said in a statement that Roux was instrumental in establishing South Africa’s economic framework.

Who is Andre Roux?

During that time, Roux was in charge of macroeconomic, fiscal, and tax policy and intergovernmental budgetary relations. Roux previously worked for the Development Bank of Southern Africa for two years. According to Ninety One, he joined what was then Investec Asset Management and was instrumental in developing the company’s South African fixed-income capacity. Following his transfer to Singapore in 2014, he was crucial in developing Ninety One’s Asian fixed-income business. “Andre contributed significantly not just to Ninety-One but also South Africa,” Ninety-One declared. Roux is survived by his wife, Rebecca, and their children.

Notable Career of Andre Roux:

Roux, who oversaw Ninety One’s Emerging Markets Local Currency Strategy, died on Monday following a brief illness while on business in London, according to a statement from the fund manager. Roux joined the firm in 1999 after serving as the deputy director general of South Africa’s Department of Finance, where he was in charge of macroeconomic, fiscal, and tax policy and intergovernmental fiscal relations. According to the statement, he was instrumental in constructing South Africa’s economic framework in the early years of post-apartheid democracy.

Andre Roux Died:

Andre Roux, the banker who helped build out Ninety One’s fixed income division after helping to develop South Africa’s economic framework following apartheid, has died. He was 68. “Andre made a significant contribution not only to Ninety One ” in a statement, citing his role in developing the company’s fixed income capabilities in South Africa and Asia. “Our hearts go out to his wife, Rebecca, and their family.” He will be sorely missed.”

Andre Roux, the Best Deputy Chairman:

Andre is also a Non-Executive Director of Omba Advisory & Investments Ltd, a London-based specialist Asset Manager focusing on Family Office and High Net Worth customers, employing Exchange Traded Assets and cutting-edge technologies to invest client funds in low-cost worldwide portfolios. He is also a member of Inspired Evolution, a specialist Investment Advisory firm focused on renewable energy and energy resource efficiency growth initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa. Furthermore, Andre is the Chairman of Sanari Capital, a woman-led and majority-black-owned private equity firm focused on sustainable, scaleable, and saleable businesses and businesses where technology and digital strategies may play a crucial role in future growth and wealth creation.

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