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Duane Cassel Murder Case Details and Overview

Duane Cassel

Duane Cassel was a 16-year-old Asian male individual who was the victim of the shooting incident on the third of November 1995. The overall incident was during a situation when another individual hard organ short during his return to the locality at night, and just outside the window, he saw an individual. After the investigation occurred, the victim was settled outside. He was just a student of the Whitefield alternative high school and was a normal and positive individual. It was revealed through his death that he was nearly shot eight times with the gun, and only two bullets hit him while he was inside the truck. One of the shorts went on to his rest, and the other went on to his back, and the rest of the bullet casings were on the right side of the vehicle in the passenger door.

Duane Cassel Death

Duane Cassel Death Details

Duane Cassel was killed on the third of November 1995 when two bullets hit him during a gunshot. When he was shot eight times by the killer, and he was inside the truck, the Killing was even very easy as the target was not moving. He was killed in front of a house where also a party was going on. The house owner Daniel was one of the very close friends of the victim through school days, and he was also admitted to the hospital by his close friend. According to one of his close friends, it was also revealed that at the party, he had an argument with one of his friends, and that could have been one of the most important reasons for the exact death of the victim.

Joe Medina

Who is Joe Medina?

Joe Medina was a close friend of the victim, and the major reason for the fight between the victim and his friend took place. As the fight between the two individuals was related to this girl, the girl’s penalisation during the murder was very high. The investigation process of the murder was also very high as the individuals needed to discuss the details of the death as the investigation process continued; she directly to the couple’s lawyer and also remained silent during the situation as she was not looking forward to continuing the situation of the death. She also did not want to know the details about the death as it was one of the major things that dissipated during the investigation.

murder of Duane Cassel

Details about the murder of Duane Cassel

Duane Cassel was the murderer case in 1995, and presently the details about the death have been discussed ahead. It is also directly confirmed that the death is something which took place in an early situation and was a death which was a very difficult incident, and whatever happened during the incident will something which is not supposed to happen. He was nearly shot eight times during the entire situation, and as he was shot eight times, he was killed with just two bullets. Only true of the bullets hitting him, the remaining eight did not hate him, and the remaining bullets did not kill him.

Important Details

Important Details about Duane Cassel

Duane Cassel was one of the major victims of the entire incident, as he was killed during the entire incident. It was a very difficult situation for the entire family, and as the exact model was still not identified, the investigation process to place for a very long period, and as the details about the investigation took place for a long situation, it was something that created proper news for the entire incident. As the exact killer of the victim was not identified, the details about the Killing were not made sure. As the investigation process is still on, certain important details about the killer need to be identified to gain proper knowledge of the overall situation. A proper thing of the entire situation needs to be discussed to know whether the Killing with actually authentic or not.

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