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D.C. Nightlife Pioneer Seth McClelland Died At 40

Seth McClelland Died

Seth McClelland, a D.C. nightlife pioneer and the CEO and creative director of a flourishing D.C. bar group, died at 40. Look below at what happened to him and Seth McClelland’s cause of death.

What became of Seth McClelland?

Seth McClelland, 40, passed away over the weekend. He was the driving force behind two of the city’s top cocktail lounges, with a third on the way. McClelland was in charge of the edgy, LED-lit Never Looked Better in Bland and the Mirror, a famous underground heart of downtown Washington, D.C. He is also linked to the People’s Drug, a popular pub in Old Town. During the day, the former Georgetown University student worked as a senior commercial real estate broker for Weichert Commercial Brokerage, commuting between Washington, D.C., and Manhattan.

Cause of death for Seth McClelland:

Seth’s Facebook profile featured a public note on Sunday, November 13, that said, “It is with great regret that we must announce the loss of our close friend, Seth, who departed peacefully on Saturday.” We don’t have any other information, but we’ll let you know. Please allow his family some breathing room right now. The cause of death for Seth McClelland has not yet been revealed.

Friend’s sorrow over McClelland’s Death:

McClelland met his beverage director Jeff Coles while working at Dupont’s One Lounge in 2009. The seasoned business professionals were preparing to open an old-fashioned cocktail bar in the landmark Connecticut Avenue NW structure that once housed Northside Tavern. McClelland, an obsessive antique collector, regularly shared Instagram updates on the building’s progress and retro style. Coles, saddened by the death of his long-time friend and business colleague, chose not to comment. According to his longtime publicist Dannia Hakki of Moki Media, “I had the fortune to be a part of Seth’s magic for more than 13 years.”

One of her Coworkers, Maha Hakki, had a Similar Recall of Him:

“Seth was the type of person who lived his life to the fullest. You could always pick up where you left off with him, and it would be as if no time had passed for a buddy who made terrible days bearable with his contagious smile and witty quips. I respected him for his never-ending thirst for what life had to offer, which he relentlessly pursued in search of his next experience. I will always astonish by the memories we made together on Never Looked Better. An underground rave’s sexy, high-energy atmosphere is combined with expertly made Cosmos and espresso martinis served in zig-zag stemware at NLB.

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