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Who is Arthur Melo Girlfriend? Carolina Miarelli, Stunning Girlfriend of Arthur Melo

Arthur Melo Girlfriend

Arthur Melo will be accompanied by his lovely girlfriend, Carolina Miarelli, who possesses many abilities. On transfer deadline day, the Brazilian midfielder joined the Reds on loan from Juventus. And in his unveiling, he smiled, exposing some sparkling white teeth that his Wag had no doubt contributed to. Carolina, who is also from Brazil, is a dentist. While the beauty is also a bit of a card shark, she once cleaned up at a Las Vegas table.

Who is Arthur Melo?

Arthur joined Liverpool from Juventus in the summer of 2022. The 26-year-old midfielder also played for Spanish club Barcelona before joining Juventus in 2020. The midfielder has played for big clubs and is a regular. He is also a member of the Brazilian national team and has competed in Copa America. The footballer enjoys spending time with his friends and has had their support from the start. Carol Miarelli is Arthur’s current girlfriend. She is a journalist and a dentist who appears to enjoy fashion.

Who is Carolina Miarelli?

Who is Carolina Miarelli

Carolina is a woman of many talents, and one Instagram photo shows her sitting at a poker table with a handful of chips. Before she cleaned up at a table in Las Vegas, the attractive Brazilian quipped that she had never played the game. “The delight of the person who won the Poker Tournament for playing poker in his life,” she captioned the post. Carolina’s fans and friends joked that she had been given a bad case of ‘beginners luck,’ but she refuted the charges, saying she had a ‘gift.’ She admitted to performing cosmetic procedures on F1 legend Nelson Piquet.

Who is Arthur Melo Girlfriend?

Carol Miarelli, a dentist and journalist, is Arthur’s current girlfriend. She is 30 years older than him. She appears to be a public figure and fashion fanatic, and she has a sizable following on Instagram, with 296k followers. The couple seems to be in love and has images of each other on their social media accounts. Carolmiarelli is her social media handle. There is little information on when or where the duo met, but it’s thought Arthur, 26, and Carolina met when the playmaker signed with Juventus in 2020. But their romance has evolved since then. They were frequent date night snappers, and she was a regular at his Turin games for The Old Lady.

Personal Details About Arthur Melo:

Mr Ailton de Melo and Mrs Lucia de Melo gave birth to Arthur Melo on August 12, 1996. He has a brother named Paulo Melo as well. It is unknown what his brother’s occupation is. Arthur’s farm group and have 0 followers on each other’s social media accounts. Arthur is sponsored by Adidas Football and has appeared in brand ads. He also plays football with Adidas footwear on. The 26-year-old has also invested in the zero-zero country, an esports organisation. Nordavind purchased it in 2021. Arthur was charged with drunk driving in August 2020 after crashing his Ferrari into a street light in Girona, Spain. As a result, his move to Juventus was postponed for a while.

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