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Check How Long Do Titan Shifters Live

Check How Long Do Titan Shifters Live

In the universe of Attack on Titan, the ability to transform into a titan at any time and wield their enormous might to devastate armies makes The Power of the Titans an incredible power to possess. Being a titan shifter, however, has its drawbacks since there is something known as the Curse of Ymir, which is connected to the existence of the Founding Titan or the Original Titan, and it has an effect on how long a titan may live. So, given that, how long can a titan shifter expect to live?

The Power of the Titans gives a titan shifter only 13 more years to live. As a result, a shifter can only survive for another 13 years after earning their first power, regardless of how many titans or powers they possess. This is due to the fact that Ymir, the Founding Titan, only lived for 13 years.

Check How Long Do Titan Shifters Live

Even though the titans in the Attack on Titan universe are extremely powerful, they are not so strong that they may expect to live a very long time. Because they are aware that they won’t be capable of living long lives as titans, not all of the Eldians who reside on Marley wish to become them. Let’s now talk in more detail about a titan shifter’s lifespan in Attack on Titan.

Are Titan Shifters Eternally Alive?

Because of their size, strength, and toughness, the titans were widely regarded as the most terrifying monsters in the universe of Attack on Titan. The Eldians have for many years used the titans to their benefit in their conquest of various nations and kingdoms all across the earth. The ability of an Eldian to change into a titan at will and use its strength to annihilate entire armies was the Power of the Titans, which the Eldians dearly cherished. They continued to take advantage of the Power of the Titans even after the Marleyans had defeated the Eldians.

But although though it was a tremendous honor for an Eldian to possess the Power of the Titans because it enabled them to become strong enough to serve as a valuable military tool for Marley, the reality is that these titan shifters do have lifespan restrictions. The lifespan of a titan shifter is far shorter than that of a typical human, who can live up to 70 or 80 years, based on their health. No matter how strong their titan powers are in that sense, they don’t even get to live eternally.

As a result, the Power of the Titans reduces a person’s remaining years, which reduces their lifetime. Due to the significant risk associated with possessing the Power of the Titans, not all Eldians aspire to be titan shifters. This is the point that it becomes apparent that in the world of Attack on Titan, power has a cost.

How much time is left for Titan Shifters?

Titan shifters don’t exist long, that much is clear. If they become titan shifters at a young age, they don’t even get to live a typical human lifespan. How much time do titan shifters have left, though?

The tale of a titan shifter’s lifespan cap dates back to Ymir herself. She was the first titan since she had the authority of the Founding Titan, which is the titan from which all other titans descended. The Eldian king used her abilities to subjugate several nations and kingdoms in the early days of the Eldian empire, which helped the empire expand.

But 13 years after gaining the power of the Founding Titan, Ymir passed away after being attacked by a killer who was out to destroy King Fritz. Following that, King Fritz made his daughters consume their mother’s corpses in order for them to obtain the Power of the Titans and pass it on to their own offspring.

Since then, Ymir’s daughters have passed on their father’s abilities to a large number of titan shifters. After they all turned into titan shifters, they only had 13 years left to live because Ymir only had 13 years left to live until she became the Founding Titan. And only for the simple reason that no other titan shifter should be able to top the Founding Titan.

As a result, if an individual became a titan shifter at the age of 1, they will just live to be 14 years old. A titan shifter that acquires the Power of the Titans, however, will only live to be 63 years old. And because of this 13-year time constraint, the Marleyans train potential Eldian Warrior candidates at a young age, allowing them to harness the Power of the Titans while still fairly young and in their prime.

The Power of the Titans should be transferred to a new Titan Shifter before the 13-year time limit expires, or else a newborn Eldian child will inherit it. That is why the Marleyans keep tabs on a Warrior’s remaining life expectancy.

Of course, Falco’s desire to become a titan shifter was motivated less by his desire for the Power of the Titans than by his desire for Gabi to live a long life. He did not want Gabi to become a titan shifter because of the lifespan restriction.

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