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Who Is Kit In Willow? Ruby Cruz’s Adorable Character

Who Is Kit In Willow

We know that the upcoming Willow will feature a slew of new faces and personalities since the series is slated to follow an altogether new adventure that builds on the film’s success. So, more than 30 years after the first film’s premiere, there will be fresh faces. The kit is one such person. So, who exactly is Kit in Willow? The kit is a princess and the daughter of Sorsha, whom we met earlier in the film. In that regard, she is the new character in the story and will carry on the legacy of her mother, the main character in the Willow film.

About the Film: Willow

Willow, launched in 1988 as an ambitious follow-up to George Lucas’s Star Wars films, is one of the classic movies that are underappreciated in today’s more current world full of fantasy adventure pictures. Of course, Willow was successful and attracted a diverse range of fans due to its departure from the sci-fi elements of Star Wars. Nonetheless, it never received the sequel that some fans hoped for. The good news is that the Willow film evoked enough nostalgia for Disney to develop a sequel series that continues the film’s storyline.

Role of Kit In Willow:

We don’t know much about Kit at this point other than that she is the daughter of Sorsha and, possibly, Madmartigan. But, because she is the daughter in the film, we know she will be one of the essential characters in the series. According to what has been revealed, Kit is set to have a role in the larger scheme of things in the tale as she embarks on a quest to find her twin brother. In that way, her twin brother is undoubtedly in peril, and Kit has resolved to be the one to try to save him.

Who Is Kit In Willow?

The kit is one such character who will play a vital role in this new plot that follows up on the film’s story. Although we still don’t know much about what will happen to Kit, let’s look at her. Based on the early information about the Willow series, it is clear that Kit is a pivotal character in the plot because she is Sorsha’s daughter. That means we can expect, Sorsha to be a queen who took over her mother’s role following the film’s events. Of course, understanding Kit requires learning more about Sorsha.

Ruby Cruz As Kit Character:

Sorsha, along with Willow and Madmartigan, was one of the three primary characters in the Willow film. She began as an adversary because she was the daughter of Queen Bavmorda, the evil queen attempting to take over the entire kingdom and subjugate it to her dark influence. However, when Sorsha fell in love and realised her mother’s cruel actions, she betrayed her and fought for the good side. The heroes eventually overcame Queen Bavmorda, and Sorsha married Madmartigan, possibly becoming the next queen. Of course, it’s possible that they had children together.

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