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Where is Nurse Pat Medellin Now?

Nurse Pat Medellin

Imagine the people we trust decide to kill just for fun. It sounds scary just by looking at this bizarre imagination, but it happened in real life. Charles Cullen was a homicidal nurse, and Pat Medellin helped crack this news to the police. How did she do it? Was she not scared for her own life?

Who is Nurse Pat Medellin?

Nurse Pat Medellin (1)
In 2002, the intensive care unit nurse, Pat Medellin, met Charles after joining Saint Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Charles had worked for the hospital for the past three years since 1999. The hospital flipped over upon discovering 50 vials of medications per production discarded in a needle box. The hospital conducted an investigation, which linked Charles, who was then asked to resign, and the whole study ended with no police involvement.
Nurse Medellin was the brave woman who asked questions about this suspicious incident and dug into the depths only to reveal a shocking discovery of a hospital homicide case. She courageously got the case to meet its end through involvement with law enforcement.

Nurse Pat Medellin and Charles:

Nurse Pat Medellin and Charles
How does Pat come into the picture? She was present as Charles was revealed to be the culprit in June 2002 at around 2 or 3 in the morning. She witnessed how the hospital did not fire him but instead asked him to resign. Why did he steal medicines, and what did he do with them? Why did the hospital not fire him but ask for quitting instead?
This shocking view made her suspicious, and her suspicion grew after she realized that the patients weren’t coding. She then talked this through with another nurse who had the same questions as she, and both worked together to collect a list of people who passed away during the time Charles was actively on duty.
The deaths under the command were calculated to be 67. Charles’ reasonable number of deaths was supposed to be around 17, but according to the records, Charles was involved with 40 patients who died. The nurses then reported this case to the law officials.

How did Nurse Pat Medellin bring justice?

Nurse Pat Medellin and justice
Nurse Pat Medellin found no concrete evidence against Charles, so he was arrested for a year with additional 13 victims on his records. She was furious at the law system and had no idea what else to do. She got labelled as a whistle-blower by Luke’s Hospital. She left the hospital in 2004 as she kept getting into trouble after approaching the hospital authorities for the second time. She tried to blow this matter anonymously, leaving her with a bitter relationship with the hospital. The hospital simply refused to admit that they helped Charles hide his murders.
Charles was allegedly caught after a series of an overdose at Somerset Medical Center in 2003. The hospital soon discovered that Charles had joined the staff with a fake job application. Detective Tim Braun investigated and found Charles’ file to mention digoxin. This heart medicine was found in the body of a patient who died at Easton Hospital, where Charles previously worked.

Where is Nurse Pat Medellin now?

Nurse Pat Medellin now
Nurse Pat Medellin settled in Texas after all the drama regarding the serial homicide was taken care of around 2008. She began and is still working at Memorial Hermann Healthcare System as a Rapid Response Team Registered Nurse. Her private life is not very public, given that she was an informant of a serial killer. Understandably, she’d like to keep herself and her family away from the limelight to protect them from being easily spotted. As far as the media could search, it was found that she lives in Houston as a widow with a couple of grownup children and her grandmother.

Nurse Pat Medellin on Netflix:

Nurse Pat Medellin on Netflix
Charles Cullen’s horrible sins are now being captured in a Netflix show called ‘Capturing the Killer Nurse’. The documentary focuses on Charles’ entire 16-year-long killing spree and how he got away with it. Patricia (Pat) Medellin is part of the show’s narrative; her experience is shared throughout the show. Pat Medellin has gone through tough times with this case, and she deserved to have her side of the story heard, and the show gave her exactly what she deserved.

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