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Peer Baron Jones of Cheltenham, Nigel Jones Died At 74

Nigel Jones Died

Nigel Jones was a former Cheltenham Member of Parliament. At the age of 74, he died. Nigel Jones, a Liberal Democrat peer and former MP, died at 74. Lord Nigel Jones, a former Cheltenham MP, died at 74. Andrew Pennington, his aide, was slain in January 2000 while saving him from a samurai sword attack. Robert Ashman, a Cheltenham local, initiated the assault at Lord Jones’ constituency office. Lord Jones’ hand was severely injured during the event, necessitating 57 stitches. He passed away on November 7, 2022.

Early Life of Nigel Jones:

Nigel Jones was born in Cheltenham on March 30, 1948. In Evesham, he attended Prince Henry’s School. He worked as a computer operator from 1965 to 1967, then as a computer programmer for International Computers Limited. From 1970, he worked as a systems analyst and a systems programmer at Atkins Computing before returning to ICL as a project manager. Jones has served as a member of Gloucestershire County Council since 1989. He resigned from ICL and Gloucestershire Council when he was elected to Parliament.

Early Career of Nigel Jones:

Jones was elected as the Conservative Party’s Member of Parliament for Cheltenham in the general election. He had previously run unsuccessfully in the 1979 general election. Jones served on the public accounts committee from 2002 until 2005. He was also the spokesperson for local government, sport science and technology, consumer affairs, and foreign development. Jones held the seat until the 2005 general election when he resigned.

Everyone Paid Tribute to Nigel Jones:

Everyone Paid Tribute to Nigel Jones


Lord Jones was a highly hardworking constituency MP, I know he was very well-loved,” Baron Foster told BBC West. His majority grew with each election until he retired in 2005 and joined the House of Lords. “Of course, the attack in 2000 cast a long shadow over everything.” “It’s a big loss,” Baron Foster added, “he was just one year and one day younger than me, and so many people loved him.” He went that he had communicated with Lord Jones via WhatsApp until he went into surgery. Nigel Jones was elected to the Cheltenham constituency in 1992 and was re-elected twice until 2005.

Personal Life of Nigel Jones:

Jones constituted a life peer on 13 May 2005 and was subsequently elevated to Baron Jones of Cheltenham, of Cheltenham. He served as a non-executive consultant for BFC Marcomms Ltd, among other things. Jones married Katherine Grinnell in the British Embassy in Abu Dhabi in 1981. They had a boy named Sam and twin daughters named Amy and Lucy. Jones died on November 7, 2022, during heart surgery, at the age of 74.

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