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Man City Vs Chelsea, Result at the EFL Cup

Man City Vs Chelsea

Man City Vs Chelsea has been a very successful team for a very long time. The tournament they are playing has also created a proper impact in the past few years, and both of the teams are successful teams in the history of the game and have created a proper impact through all editions of the game itself. They have created a proper impact through all the games they have played one against another, and the recent game they played has also been very successful. The overall stats and details about the game have been very successful, and they have created a very successful impact on each other, so that game which day played in the recent time on the 10th of November 2022.

Man City Vs Chelsea Result

Result and Score line of Man City Vs Chelsea

Man City Vs Chelsea was a very important match of the tournament, which was about to be played on the 10th of November 2022. The match was a very high voltage match, and the overall fan following of the football game has always initiated themselves in these particular Matches. It has created a proper impact throughout the entire tournament. The match started in a very successful manner and the first half of the match completed with both teams having no goals against each other but suddenly when the second half started in the 53rd minute and the 58 minutes the Manchester City team scored goals respectively and by the end one the match 2-0. The match was very successful and created a proper impact throughout the entire chords of the game.

Man City Vs Chelsea Stats

Stats and Details of the match

Man City Vs Chelsea was a good match by the end of the game, and the entire stats of the match favoured both teams when the details of the match were related to the two teams themselves. The shorts taken by the two teams were mostly well. Manchester City took 18 shots, and Chelsea to 15 shots in the entire match. The entire team’s possession was mainly with Manchester City at 56%. And position Chelsea had was the remaining 44% which was a very good position. Still, just at the end of the first half, the game was in a pretty good position and created a proper impairment, but just when the second half of the play began, the game started shifting towards Manchester City, and they created the proper impact.

Man City Vs Chelsea Previous Fixtures

Previous Fixtures of Man City Vs Chelsea

The previous matches between both teams were also very successful, and the details about the previous matches were also made available successfully. The last few matches in which both the teams have played have majorly resulted in favour of Manchester City as they have created a proper impact on the entire career. Chelsea has majorly resulted into the losing side most of the time as they have a field to make the proper mark which they have always made in the entire tournament, and that has been something which is created a false impact through their entire timeline as the rivalry of both the teams has been very successful. They have a field to develop a proper progression in the games.

Upcoming Fixtures

Upcoming Fixtures of Man City Vs Chelsea

The upcoming matches of both teams are majorly going to be held on the sixth of January 2023, which is going to be on a tournament basis. The next match is going to be on the 20th of May, 2023, which is also going to be a part of the tournament. Apart from that, any other details about the matches of the team and not available. I am not made clear, but we are going to be available in a very soon manner. Still, it is expected that the manager of the team will provide the details about the matches in a very short period. They will also look forward to having a proper game and creating a proper impact throughout the entire tournament.

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