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Who is Chloé Lukasiak Girlfriend? Check How Brooklinn Khoury and Chloé Lukasiak First Met

Chloé Lukasiak Girlfriend

A few months have passed since Dance Moms alum Chloé Lukasiak revealed on Instagram that she was dating Brooklinn Khoury. The couple had been secretly dating for some months, but they first opted to keep their relationship a secret. But as time goes on, the pair gradually opens up to the public about their courting and relationship. So how did they first connect?

Lukasiak and Khoury are both accustomed to being in the spotlight. While Khoury is well-liked because she is a professional skateboarder, Lukasiak is popular since she is a dancer, actor, as well as reality TV star. Although they were well-known, the couple actually met in a way that many non-famous individuals do. The two discussed how they initially met in a YouTube video.

Check How Brooklinn Khoury and Chloé Lukasiak First Met

“A lot of people don’t know this, but we did meet on Hinge,” Lukasiak shared, laughing. “We met on a dating app.” It didn’t take long for Khoury to chime in about how they initially connected. “We were both like, so against dating apps. And I feel like you get to a certain point in your life and you’re like ‘How am I gonna meet somebody?’”

Lukasiak was ready to admit that she was using dating apps for various reasons. She sought a secure setting free from the pressures of the natural world where she could explore her desire for women.

The former “Dance Moms” star used a dating app because she was unsure of her sexual orientation toward women.

The couple definitely had success on Hinge, despite their initial skepticism about dating apps. The two acknowledge that they clicked after talking about dinosaurs. And when they finally met, it became obvious that they were connected. And although the broader public might not have known about their connection, Lukasiak says that her close friends and family have known about Khoury and her sexuality for a while.

Lukasiak claims her family and friends were aware of her connection before she made it public on Instagram.

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