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Who is Aaron Carter Wife? Is Aaron Carter Married?

Who is Aaron Carter Wife

American rapper and vocalist Aaron Carter was well-liked by teenagers in the early twenty-first century. He began singing at 7, and in the late 1990s, he became well-known and established himself as a celebrity, particularly with children and teens. His studio records helped him gain recognition, not just for his live performances. Aaron Carter, his debut album in various European nations, reached the top ten. It had the twelve position in the US. More than 100,000 copies were sold in the US alone, and more than a million were sold globally. Three million copies of his second album, Aaron’s Party, released in the fall of 2000, were sold in the US alone. His subsequent album, On Aaron, also brought him widespread renown. He then worked on Another Earthquake, another successful record but not as well known as On Aaron. Carter contributed to films including “Fat Albert,” the television program Liberty’s Kids, and Dancing with the Stars, in addition to other projects.

Aaron Carter Early Life

As the main vocalist of the local band Dead End, founded by students from a rock school in Tampa, Aaron Carter launched his professional career. However, the band members’ preferences soon diverged, with Carter more interested in pop music while the others favored alternative rock. Carter departed the band two years later as a result. At age 9, he made his debut as a solo performer. It was the Backstreet Boys’ Berlin opening, which happened in March 1997. The same year, Crush on You, his debut song, was released. Aaron Carter’s self-titled debut album was made available on December 1, 1997. It gained considerable traction in several European nations, including Norway, Spain, Denmark, and Germany. On June 16, 1998, it was released in the US, with enormous success.

Aaron Carter dead at 34; his life in photos

Source: KTLA

Aaron Carter Relationship

Aaron Carter was windowless when he passed away. But Melanie Martin, his former fiancée, is still alive. In January 2020, Martin and Carter publicly announced their relationship. According to The Sun, Martin was from Bulgaria and worked as a bartender and proprietor of a lash bar in addition to earning money as an influencer online. Carter’s initial Instagram post with Martin, which appeared to establish their connection, is still remembered by many who followed him. He captioned the photo, “She loves me, she doesn’t, she woke me up from snoozing, but I’m not complaining.” In June 2020, the pair then became engaged. Later, in late 2021, Carter and Martin made the announcement that they were divorcing. However, according to Us Weekly, they seemed to mend fences a week later in December 2021.

Sadly, the romance fizzled very quickly. In February 2022, they split up once more. According to the article, Carter and Martin both sought to restrain orders against one another in 2022, but by May of that year, everything seemed to be back to normal. Although Aaron Carter didn’t have a spouse when he passed away, he did have a child. Prince Carter was born to Carter and Melanie Martin on November 22, 2021. He once talked to Us Weekly about being a parent.

Aaron Carter's siblings say they hope singer is now at 'peace' following tragic death

Source: NBC News

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